What Are The Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water In The Morning?

Water is the best fluid to keep the body hydrated and healthy. Besides this, lemon water is the first thing taken by every health conscious person in the morning before breakfast. Virtually, lemons are rich in vitamin C and considered as citrus fruit to enhance your beauty and get a glow on your face.

lemon water

You can have it by squeezing a lemon in a glass of warm water to shed the extra fats settled in definite parts of your body and follow as a great weight loss remedy.

If you want to follow a simple and inexpensive way of enhancing your beauty and looking slim and fit, then have a glass of lemon water as a simple practice and a part of everyday life to get rid of digestive or any other health problems instantly.

Lemon water swills out toxins

Hot lemon water serves as an accurate happy morning drink as it works on your digestive system and eliminates the waste products from your body in an easy way. It prevents constipation problem, diarrhea, and any skin diseases and ensures smooth functioning of your bowels.

The digestion system assistance is one of the most common lemon water benefits. Lemon water makes the digestion easier and makes the system stronger and instantly reliefs the indigestion symptoms from your body.

Excellent source of potassium and vitamins

Lemons are rich in potassium and good for heart, brain and function of the nervous system. As this fruit is rich in vitamin C, it works like jumper cables on your immune system. This is the reason why many advise to have lemon juice mainly on stressful days to get relief from stress.

Hot Lemon Water

Known to boost your immune system

The lemon water is considered really very beneficial for immune system because it carries Vitamin C in really very adorable measure.

The presence of Vitamin C makes it really very effective for the immune system and it is also really very effective stress reliever.

Gives blemish free skin and refreshes your breathe

The antioxidant in this Vitamin C fruit helps to get rid of gingivitis and toothaches. The citric acid present in it wears away the tooth enamel, so it is better to take it after brushing teeth.

In addition to this, lemon juice helps to decrease the skin blemishes and wrinkles as it detoxifies the blood and maintains the skin’s radiance with a dazzling glow which you never had with any of the remedies.

Few Other Benefits of Consuming Hot Lemon Water In The Morning

  • Lemons keep up the pH levels in your body.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation in knees and joints as it gets dissolved in uric acid to function.
  • Helps to prevent the expansion and growth of pathogenic bacteria that causes disease and infections quickly.
  • Helps to cure cold and strengthens liver by providing power and energy to the liver enzymes.
  • Helps to maintain the levels of oxygen and calcium in the liver.
  • In case of heart burn, a glass of hot lemon water gives relief from pain.
  • Helps to stock up the body salts, mainly after a tiring workout on alternative days.
  • Helps you to cut off more intake of coffee.
  • Fights with throat and viral infections.

What is the quantity of lemon water to be taken?

Generally, it is recommended to take full squeezed lemon in a glass full of water. If you are more than 150 pounds, then take a full lemon but if you are less than it, then squeezing half lemon in hot water is recommended to make it a part of your everyday routine and diet as grandma’s kitchen remedies do wonders on your health naturally.

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