Does Lemonade Detox Diet Really Work?

Obesity and weight gain problem is a common scenario in today’s date. More common is the various weight loss techniques that are available for people to try on.

Most of them have tried and tested many things from exercise, pills, supplements, and diets to so called lemonade detox diet. But sadly, not everyone of them saw the results they desire.

Let’s face it; half of the people have wasted their money in trying these many techniques which delivered nothing, but distress.

How Lemonade Diet Works

Rather than trying every time new, why not concentrate on one best diet where you are guaranteed to have results for your hard work.

Try out the lemonade detox diet with full dedication and we are sure that you will see highly admirable results in few days.

What Is Lemonade Detox Diet?

Lemonade detox diet is not a new diet, but had been tried since ancient years.

However; this fad diet has been rectified with new, different techniques which are now widely becoming popular and used in various weight loss programs/diets.

Many people confuse this diet with the lemon juice diet. But this is something different. Lemon juice diet actually contain only lemon and water whereas this diet contain few other additional ingredients which makes it much more effective.

In long run Master cleanse lemonade detox diet has proven as one of the most effective ways of cleansing your system and for shedding unwanted pounds in just few days.

Basics of Lemonade Detox Diet Recipe

It is a famous weight loss diet which is a basic recipe of squeezing fresh lemon, organic maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper.

This mixture has to be mixed in fixed proportion which will prepare lemonade and has to be consumed for more than 10 days without food. With this lemonade, you can consume herbal tea as a supporting laxative.

The basic concept of lemonade detox diet is replacing solid food with lemonade drink. This helps the body to focus on cleansing the system.

The effective diet is packed with effective ingredients and citrus properties and other natural supplies that flush your body’s toxins and other bad substances which further help you in getting with your desired weight loss results.

Majority of people have found losing 10-15 pounds with no side effects which is entirely fit to pursue.

How To Start?

In order to get good results you have to consider certain aspects and working of Lemonade diet. Before starting master cleanse detox diet, you have to prepare your body. So start from the first day by avoiding processed foods from your diet and take only light food.

Second day, you should consume only liquid diet and third day simply drink orange juice and plain water. This pre lemonade diet period help spur body to ease in. Then go for lemonade diet for 10 days.

Post lemonade diet will be exactly reverse of the previous diet. First day drink orange juice. Then go for liquid diet and third day start with solid diets.

Does It Really Work?

To have healthy and fit body it is important to remove pollutants (in the form of toxins that keep gathering from time to time) from your body at regular intervals. Lemonade detox diet just do this for you in a healthy way.

You may often wonder about how this simple lemonade diet can do this!

It is interesting to note that lemon (the main ingredient of the diet) possesses antioxidants, citric acid, prosperous, iron, vitamin C and more.

Liver, kidneys and urinary tract therefore benefit greatly as the lemon consumption produce saliva and gastric juices that helps to eliminate gas and parasites in the tract.

The main advantage of this diet recipe is the detoxification benefits rather than complete weight loss. The body in the meantime gets rid of fat deposits. And the purification caused inside the body is seen in the form of skin and hair embellishment.

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect With This Diet?

Weight loss with the lemonade detox diet actually varies, which mainly depends upon the factors:

  • How long you stay on the diet
  • How strictly you followed it

Few Celebs who tried the diet in past claims to lose weight from 20 to 60 pounds. However the proponents of the diet claims to lose about a pound in a day while on this diet.

Important is to know that, while you lose few pounds on this maple syrup lemonade diet you may gain it right back after the diet when you start consuming the solid food.

Points to Be Noted Before Trying Out The Diet

People who tried the lemonade detox diet instructions and recipe often claims that they regain about half of the weight lost after the diet course is over.

This is due to the fact that this diet is not completely a weight loss plan but rather a detoxification system which helps in balancing the body weight. Also, most of the weight lost is water weight rather than the accumulated body fat.

Starvation diets such as these are difficult to accomplish for many and hence cannot be adhered to as required.

The maximum time period for this diet is set to 10 days or maximum of 2 weeks. In case any major health issues or side effects are experienced one should consult the doctor immediately.

Also it is important to talk to your doctor before starting with this diet so that all the risk factors can be avoided easily.

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