Is It OK For Me To Detox Or Cleanse During Pregnancy?

Our environment, you can say, is saturated with chemicals. And hence, everything we do or touch, carries the risk of inviting parasites to our body. Sources of parasites include food, droppings of pets, insect bites and sources of contaminated water and garbage. Parasites are borne by the wind and enters the body through breathing, or through touching objects carrying the harmful element.


Once parasites enter the body, it generates toxins, which damages the immune system and make us prone to diseases.

Detoxing the body is the process through which the parasites are killed and flushed out, together with the toxin deposits from the body, leaving us clean and healthy.

Detoxing can be done any time, just like washing your clothes daily, but depending upon the prevailing body conditions, and after being assessed by a physician.

As far as pregnant women are concerned, detoxing should not be carried out during pregnancy.

Here are few reasons which will throw some light on why it is not recommended to detox the body during the pregnancy or during the breast feeding time.

–> The process of detoxing involves dealing with tons of harmful toxins (that are stored inside the cells of the body) which are flushed out, and carried to the liver through the blood circulation. From here they are made to exit the body. During the course of the short run, there are chances that some of the toxins, being carried by the blood, may enter the placenta. Toxins may also act as a nutrient to the milk being produced inside the body.

–> The fetus is exposed to the heavy metals, i.e. toxins, which are metabolized during the process of detoxing, which can be harmful.

–> When detoxing is carried out through foods, the foods are digested and absorbed by the blood. It may happen, that some of the digested foods may be harmful to the fetus.

–> Dehydration is also a major cause for harming the foetus; because of the excessive urinating, sweating, and the movement of the bowels, which take place during detoxing. The decrease in fluid contents within the body can not only harm the baby, but also affect the supply of milk to the fetus.

–> Studies have revealed that a baby is born with 232 chemicals. And the mother has no fewer chemicals in their blood as well. During the process of detoxing, if at all, some of the chemicals deposited within the body of the mother reaches the foetus through the blood stream, it may be harmful for the baby.

–> Diets such as fish (especially tuna) and other foods which contains the detoxifying agents or chemicals, can harm the baby. For instance, mercury level, being high in fishes like tuna, can easily mix with the blood, and thus reach the foetus which may lead to problems.

–> Meal plans which are recommended during detoxing, can cause undernourishment to the baby. This is because, cutting down the macronutrient will deplete the supply of iron, calcium and protein to the baby, which are recommended to be doubled for to be mothers during pregnancy.

–> Many of the herbs which are used for detoxing are found to be unsafe during the period of pregnancy and lactation. There has been little research carried out on herbal supplements that are used for detoxing, relating to their utility during pregnancy. So, there is always a risk for the baby being harmed.

Enough reasons are there to ratify that, detoxing is not recommended during pregnancy and the period during lactation.

What pregnant women can do, is avoid consuming the food that contains chemicals so that they get the minimum exposure to the polluted environment. According to the doctors and experts in the field, detoxing before planning to bear a child is no risk. This can be done as it could avoid taking undue risks for your health and your baby.

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