What Are The Common Master Cleanse Detox Symptoms?

The Master cleanse detox diet is a lemonade drink that contain freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Even though ingredients of detox lemonade diet are simple you have to follow the recipe exactly to get best results.

The master cleanse detox is based solely on liquid lemonade drink. During this diet program you only need to drink lemonade drink that is prepared by the given recipe and have to avoid in taking solid food.

However it is obvious that taking any body cleanse plan also results in various symptoms or side effects during the fasting period.


Likewise, master cleanse detox symptoms also occur when one goes through the detox diet. However, these are short and temporary symptoms and are the signal that detoxification process is working properly.

So you need not worry much about these. Just keep yourself motivated and strong so that you can go through this diet plan easily and comfortably.

Fatigue is the main symptom that I had faced for first few days (when i tried this master cleanse diet). This is because all the energy is used up for eliminating toxins and wastes from the body.

The truth is, you may experience this for first two or three days only so if you can control yourself and take proper rest you can easily go through these days.

Craving for fast foods is another symptom. Since, we are deprived of favorite foods, cravings for them will always occur. However, it can be easily manageable for us as these symptoms also usually last for just three days.

Other less common master cleanse detox symptoms include:

  • irritability,
  • dehydration
  • tiredness,
  • burning sensation,
  • physical pains,
  • aches,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • increased bowel movements

In order to get rid of such symptoms, first prepare your body for the phases of master cleanse and then start with the diet.

By eating unprocessed natural foods before three days, increasing liquid diet and drinking orange juice alone on the day before you start with master cleanse detox, helps to conquer these symptoms effectively.

Should I Carry On With This Or Quit?

Number of people are skeptic about master cleanse detox program as they think that this program hampers their weight loss regime and cause irregularities in their health conditions.

Well this notion is totally false. The cleansing beverage which is main basis of this diet is prepared by using lemons, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper only. So there is nothing to be worried about.

When I went through master cleanse detox diet, I too experienced certain unpleasant side effects. I was so much irritated and restless that I was thinking of quitting the program itself.

However, after interacting with others online and motivation got from the positive experiences from them, I got to know that these were the signs of detoxification and was common.

As I was too much passionate about losing my extra weight, I kept myself motivated through number of ways. And this helped me a lot in achieving the results.

I had also experienced occasional headaches because of the withdrawal of caffeine. But from third day onwards, I got accustomed to those master cleanse detox symptoms and went through 10 days cleanse program successfully.

Presently I feel very light as my body has lost all the toxins. Although I haven’t lost much weight in the process (as I expected) but the results I got were superb and are at least visible which made me look more confident and beautiful.

After going through the various symptoms of this diet and knowing about it in detail, all I can say is that the choice is in your hands. I would suggest you to try it out once and see the positive results you may be getting.

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