Master Cleanse Diet: Does It Work And Is It Safe for All Ages?

We all know about the popularity of master cleanse detox but very less percentage of us are really aware about whether lemonade diet is safe or not!

Is the master cleanse diet safe?” Does this question pop up in your mind every now and then?

Master Cleanse Diet

Well, then you are not alone! There are lots of other people who are constantly thinking whether to follow master cleanse system or not for detoxifying their body stems or for achieving the weight loss goals they dream of.

This 10 day cleansing diet is popularized by Stanley Burroughs and Peter Glickman. It keeps you energetic, healthy and helps in weight lose.  Read below to know about how safe this program is?

As it is important to know what the primary objective for taking lemonade diet is, so before answering the ream question itself, let us ask you a question!

Do you want to master cleanse your body? Or do you want to lose weight quickly to fit into that sexy bikini?

If your answer to both the questions is Yes, then let me tell you that although it helps in cleansing the body fast it does not show you fast weight loss results you may dreaming of. Yes it does helps in weight loss but not too fast as you need to maintain the healthy lifestyle and diets even after going through all the master cleanse phases.

So if you are just trying to lose weight fast this diet may not be suitable or safe for you. But if you are looking forward for getting the cleansed and detoxified body by following a tough to follow dedicated diet, then this is a way to go for, no matter what age you are.

It detoxifies body naturally

Master cleanse system detoxifies your body from free radicals in natural way. Therefore it is free from any side effects, complications or adverse reactions. The diet reprograms your body and makes required changes in pH levels.

It’s nothing but just lemonade

Number of people are skeptic about master cleanse detox program as they think that this program hampers their weight loss regime and cause irregularities in their health conditions. Well this notion is totally false. The cleansing beverage which is main basis of this diet is prepared by using lemons, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper only. So there is nothing to be worried about.

Cleansing program is more than 50 years old and is thus safe and reliable

You all would be surprised to read that people have been using this master cleansing program more than 50 years from now. This statement naturally proves how safe and reliable this diet program is. Large number of people have used master cleanse system for losing weight and delighted with its outcome.

How Safe Is Master Cleanse Detox System?

The master cleanse diet consists of drinking mixture of cayenne pepper, water, grade B maple syrup and lemon juice on daily basis. Consumption of food is strictly prohibited. The main motto of this diet is to clean your body system from inside out.

This diet also helps users to shed those extra pounds from their body. You can choose to remain on this diet as long as you want. Some people stay on it for 3 days and some continue it for a month too to get rid of toxins from body.

You would be glad to read that master cleanse diet is undeniably safe for all ages but only when it is used for right reason and done carefully.

Secondly this diet also helps psychologically too by developing a sense of control over your emotional eating issues. Last but not the least, users of this diet enjoys increased amount of energy and feel-good factor after completion of the master cleanse diet. This diet helps you to kick your cravings for cookies, French-fries, chocolates, pastries, chips that can make you overweight.

However this diet is not free from flaws too. Researchers and doctors have pointed out that this diet can cause fever and problems like headaches, sore throat, swollen glands, cold sores, skin irritation like rashes and breakouts, coughing, sneezing, mouth sores, fatigue, cold and flu symptoms, stuffed nose, congestion or runny nose etc.

Master cleanse lemonade program also have certain loopholes too. This diet can prove out potentially dangerous for users as it can cause health conditions like fatigue, dehydration, irritability, failure of fluid due to loss of muscles and fluids and mood swings etc.

After going through pros and cons of this diet and knowing about is the master cleanse safe, all i can say is that the choice is in your hands now. I would suggest you to try it out once and see the positive results you may be getting.

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