What Are Different Maple Syrup Grades?

Maple syrups are made from maple trees and the process is purely a season based. Maple trees produce starch throughout the year and preserve them in its bark and roots.

The maple trees convert the starch they gather into sugar and let them flow as a sweet sap during the season between winter and spring. The sap thus acquired is very dilute in nature and needs to be concentrated.

Concentration is done through evaporators to remove water present in the sap. Almost about 98 % of the sap is water and removing it requires multiple effect evaporators. The final syrup evolved is so low in volume that only a recovery of 2 % is possible. This is the reason why the original maple syrups are costlier and harder to find.

Different Maple Syrup Grades

Based on the quality, there are two different types of maple syrups – Grade A and Grade B. Grade A maple syrups can further be divided into two i.e. mild or fancy syrup, medium and hard syrups.

Fancy syrups ruled the market in early days. This was may be because of the name fancy or for other unknown reasons. But in recent days Grade B maple syrups are considered more beneficial to health and has great demand.

The different grades signify the period of maturity obtained by the sap in converting the starch into sugar. Grade A syrup is made from sap that is harvested earlier than the grade B syrup. It is also called as a lighter syrup as it contains less flavour than the grade B syrup.

Grade A syrup comes with a lighter colour of amber and this could be of a darker shade if harvested at a later period. Grade B syrups are fully matured candidates with great flavour and taste. It’s coloured dark and can be used for cooking purpose.

Maple Syrup Grades

Maple Syrup Grade A Vs Grade B:

Grade A maple syrup is produced from sap at an early stage of the season and is lighter in colour. It also gives a lighter taste. Grade A syrups could be consumed directly because of the lighter nature of colour and taste.

Grade B syrups have a strong taste with a darker shade of amber colour. This is mostly used for cooking and baking applications.

If your requirement is just a mild flavour that could make your desserts and pancakes tastier then your choice should be grade A maple syrup.

In short for use as just a sweetener, grade A maple syrup is preferred. But if your requirement is to add an additional flavour to your dishes then you might need a maple syrup grade with a strong taste and flavour and that could be none other than Grade B Maple Syrup.

Why Grade B Maple Syrup is Better Than Grade A?

Knowing About The Maple Syrup Grade B Benefits and Why It Is Preferred?

Grade B maple syrups are more concentrated and this is indicated by its colour and viscosity. More concentration is obtained as they are harvested at the end of the season. It also has a darker luminosity when compared to grade A syrup. There are wide disputes and arguments in the net about how one grade is superior to the other.

Vermont Maple SyrupA simple analytical data would clarify most of the doubts.

Grade B syrup contains 8 % RDA of calcium whereas the grade A maple syrup contains 4 % RDA of calcium.

Both the grades contain minerals that make us healthy, but more concentrated grade B syrup contains more minerals than the grade A syrup thus it is healthier.

An experienced chef would certainly choose Grade B syrup because of its rich taste, fragrance and concentration.

As grade B is more concentrated, addition of less quantity itself would deliver the desired taste and flavour. Its strong flavour and high content of sugar also contributes to this.

-> Grade B maple syrup has rich zinc content. So it can be used as a zinc supplement for those who suffers from zinc deficiency. It also has the property of strengthening your heart. It also functions as an anti-oxidant which is the most revered terminology in ageing technology and so as it is rich in ingredients that could slow down your ageing process.

-> Apart from zinc, grade B maple syrup has manganese and both these minerals when combined contribute for healthy cell growth. It also has its impact on our immunology system by strengthening the white blood corpuscles. White blood corpuscles are the fighter cells that fight external intrusion of bacteria, fungus and virus. They help in increasing the immunity of our system.

-> Another interesting thing about the grade B syrup is that the presence of zinc and manganese helps reproductive organs of males. Clinically manganese helps in enhancing the production of testosterone – sex hormones for men. Similarly zinc reduces the size of the prostate.

Grade B Maple Syrup

One Of The Most Essential Ingredients in Master Cleanse Recipe

Grade B maple syrup is one of the most crucial element of so called Master cleanse diet. Maple syrup, fresh lemon and cayenne pepper when mixed in proper proportion of water forms the master cleanser. As the name implies it is a cleanser and a body detox system  which is widely accepted, tested and tried.

For preparing the recipe, take two table spoon of organic grade B maple syrup in a bowl. Take a piece of lemon and squeeze it to obtain fresh lemon juice and add this freshly made lemon concentrate to the already available maple syrup in the bowl. Take a pinch of cayenne pepper and add this to the prepared mixture of maple syrup and fresh lemon juice.

Add sufficient quantity of water and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Now you are ready to serve the master cleanse. The procedure explained is meant for a one time serving. You can proportionately increase the ingredients if you want to prepare the recipe for more than one serving.

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