What Are The 10 Best Benefits of Drinking Hot Or Warm Lemon Water In The Morning?

Water is the best fluid to keep the body hydrated and healthy. When consumed as a warm lemon water it provides much beneficial results to the body system.

In fact, warm lemon water is the very first thing taken by many health conscious persons in the morning before the breakfast. Virtually, lemons are rich in vitamin C and considered as a best citrus fruit that can enhance your beauty and get a glow on your face.

You can have it by squeezing a lemon in a glass of warm water to shed the extra fat settled in definite parts of your body.

The best thing is you can follow this diet routine for few weeks as a great natural weight loss remedy without any side effects.

10 Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Daily

If you want to follow a simple and inexpensive way of enhancing your beauty by looking slim and fit, then have a glass of lemon water daily. Make this as a simple practice and a part of everyday life to get rid of digestive or any other health problems in a most natural way.

Below we list down the 10 best advantages of drinking warm lemon water daily. I am sure, you will love knowing about them…

1- It Swills Out Toxins And Aids Digestion

Hot lemon water serves as an accurate happy morning drink as it works on your digestive system and eliminates the waste products from your body in an easy way. It prevents constipation problem, diarrhea, and any skin diseases and ensures smooth functioning of your bowels.

The digestion system assistance is one of the most common lemon water benefits. Lemon water makes the digestion easier and makes the system stronger and instantly reliefs the indigestion symptoms from your body.

If flaxseeds are taken with lemon juice unwanted wastes of your body can be eliminated quickly as a result of which you can get enhanced digestion.

2- Boost Up Your Immune System, Relieves Stress and Pain

Lemons are rich in potassium and are good for heart, brain and function of the nervous system. As this fruit is rich in vitamin C, it works like jumper cables on your immune system. This is the reason why health care experts advise to have lemon juice mainly on stressful days to get relief from stress.

It is also really a very effective pain reliever. People suffering with pain and inflammation problem can get relief by drinking it early morning. In addition to this it also helps to prevent the expansion and growth of pathogenic bacteria that causes disease and infections quickly.

3- Promotes Weight Loss

Pectin fiber present in lemons help in dealing with the hunger cravings. Studies shows that drinking lemon water early morning with empty stomach can bring about fantastic changes in your body in respect to losing weight.

4- Cleanse Your Body And Liver

Drinking lemon juice with water regularly for few days increases the rate of urination and thus help in flushing out the toxins and unwanted waste materials from our body easily.

As the toxins are removed regularly in installments it helps in keeping your urinary tract as well as body system cleansed and healthy. Also the citric acid present in lemons maximizes the enzymatic functions to promotes liver detoxification.

5- Gives Blemish Free Glowing Skin

Lemon juice is rich in anti-bacterial elements as a result of which your facial pores will get nourished and cleansed. Additionally it helps to decrease the skin blemishes and wrinkles. As it detoxifies the blood it helps to maintain the skin’s radiance with a dazzling glow.

The juice is much useful for maintaining a flawless skin as you can also get rid of different kinds of irritating skin troubles like itching, redness, acne and others. In fact, insect bites can also be easily treated by the same and thus you can apply the juice over the affected area on your skin.

You can also use lemon juice as the best hair treatment as that can smoothen up your hairs and the overall texture can be improved to a great extent.

6- Helps In Balancing pH Levels

Lemons are acidic in nature (as it contains weak citric and ascorbic acid). But when consumed in our body it becomes alkaline in natures due to the fact that – citric acid does not create acidity inside the body when it is metabolized. This is the reason lemons are treated as one of the best alkalizing foods for our body.

As a matter of fact, illness in our body occurs when the pH level of the body is acidic. Drinking lemon water thus helps removes acidity of the body and helps in maintaining the balanced pH levels. It also helps to reduce pain and inflammation in knees and joints as it removes uric acid present in the joints.

7- Hydrates Your Body and System

In case when your body is dehydrated due to varied reasons, your body shows the symptoms such as sluggishness, lack of energy, fatigue, constipation, increased stress, etc. Drinking warm juice of lemon water helps to restock up the lost fluids and body salts, mainly after a tiring workout or in conditions such as diarrhea.

Drinking warm water on regular basis also helps in preventing the dehydration of body and thus keeps the system healthy and refreshed.

8- Refreshes Your Breath

The antioxidant in this Vitamin C fruit helps to get rid of gingivitis and toothaches. The citric acid present in it wears away the tooth enamel, so it is better to take it after brushing teeth.

9- Energizes Your Body and Boost Metabolism

Active ingredients in lemon juice helps the body by providing enhanced energy and improved metabolism. You can easily see the difference in your body in just few weeks.

10- Enhances Your Mood

As lemon juice benefits your body in so many ways it keeps you healthier and happier. And when your body system is free from illness or diseases you can focus better in your life. Drinking warm lemon water on regular basis thus helps in improving mental clarity and brain functioning. Also it enhances your mood and concentration.

What Is The Quantity Of Lemon Water To Be Taken?

How Much Lemon Water You can Take Early Morning Everyday?

Generally, it is recommended to take full squeezed lemon in a glass full of water. If you are more than 150 pounds, then take a full lemon but if you are less than it, then squeezing half lemon in hot water is recommended.

You can make it a part of your everyday routine and diet as this is one of the best grandma’s kitchen remedies which can do wonders on your health naturally.

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