Benefits Of Honey And Lemon For Cough

A person can suffer from cough for variety of reasons. Environmental factors, illness, throat irritation are some of the most common factors that lead to coughs in adults.

When one coughs, the body tries to expel phlegm along with other irritants that might be present in your respiratory system. Most of the times, the types of cough that a human body catches are not at all life threatening. However, there are certain kind of cough that require being treated at any cost.

Honey And Lemon

Honey is an effective cough suppressant and is considered as one of the best ways for treating the cough problems in adults as well as children.

Drinking warm lemon tea or lemon water mixed up with honey is the best way for soothing a sore throat and thus helps in easing the cough conditions.

One of the studies proved that children who are below the age group of 2 and suffer from respiratory disorders can be given 10mililiters of honey during the bed time. However, because of infant botulism risk, an infant below the age group of one year must not be given honey.

Honey contains dextromethorphan as a major ingredient for countering cough. Consuming a table spoon of honey regularly is helpful for reducing cough during the night time while enhancing the sleep conditions. Since honey does not cost you a fortune, you can certainly give it a try without giving a second thought.

Properties of Honey and Lemon

Honey has got certain antibacterial properties which can get your body rid of the harmful bacteria that leads to cough.

Honey in its form is full of important nutrients that include iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and fluoride that help in stimulating and repairing the tissue growth thereby removing away excess of free radicals from the body. The best quality honey is said to be low in water content because of which it naturally attracts water from the tissues for removing them.

Lemon has a high content of vitamin c. The juice of lemon comprises of 1/3 of the daily allowance of the adult. Vitamin C is one of the vital vitamins that boost up your immune system. It also acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. Lemon has been shown to have strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Lemon and honey together makes a magical recipe and helps in treating the cough problem very fast. You can prepare the recipe at home and try out for curing the cough problem.

Easy Recipes of Lemon and Honey for Curing Cough

There are multiple ways through which one can prepare the recipes of curing cough using a combo of lemon and honey. However, before initiating any such recipe, one must ensure that both the contents are absolutely fresh and natural.

The easiest recipe is combining one cup of warm honey along with 3 freshly squeezed lemons in ΒΌ cup of warm water. Make sure that you consume the prepared combo before going to the bed. The best thing about it is that the mixture can be refrigerated and consumed for a month.

In case you have glycerine at home then it is a fantastic option for curing cough. In order to prepare the recipe, one must boil the uncut lemon for 10 minutes after which it can be squeezed and mixed with 2 table spoons of honey and 2 tablespoon of glycerin.

Just a single teaspoon of the above mixture can be consumed which provides a major relief in cough conditions.

Also check out the below video which reveals a recipe of lemon and honey. This is helpful in curing cold, cough and seasonal allergies.

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