Can I Do HCG and Master Cleanse Diet Together?

Rather than opting for celebrity weight loss programs, why not make one for yourself. It is not compulsory to change your diet completely, but to eliminate or minimize some of the fatty foods like frozen, processed or can foods from your diet.

Eating more of green vegetables, fruits, lean meat, pulses, beans etc. will not only help you to burn calorie, but boost your metabolism fast.

Although you have planned a lot, for not eating those heavy and fatty pizzas, burgers, etc. but when you are at your party, you can’t ignore them. You will eat them all.

But soon after eating them you feel guilty. The truth is, being slim and sexy like your favorite actress is not as easy as you think!

You have to control a lot to see your dreams come true. So wait and think a little! There are now effective diets programs such as HCG diet (human chorionic gonadotropin), lemonade diet and master cleanse programs which can help.

HCG diet and MC Diet

But in the crowd of so many diet regimes and weight loss programs it becomes hard for people to choose the best one. Often people who are planning to lose weight gets confused about what and why to choose.

If you are into a particular lookout on choosing among HCG diet and master cleanse system, let me tell you that there is no harm to DO them together at the same time.

However it is recommended that you choose the best one for your body requirement and GO WITH ONE of them at a time.

As both these diets works differently and for different reasons, you should choose one among them wisely. Here we will help you out further to decide on how and why to choose one.

HCG Vs Master Cleanse: What To Choose and Why?

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet is based on the one of the most trusted weight loss theory. The HCG Diet works completely risk free and it does not contain any side effects for your inner or outer body system.

It is one of the best theories to get rid of extra weight or pounds from your body. And it is good to know for you that it has already gathered so many customer appreciations for this.

There are so many people who prefer HCG diet because it does not show any kind of dehydration, stretch marks, irritability, fatigue or health risks signs for them. The diet works gently to remove the extra fat of the body and to give you pleasant body look.

Additionally, HCG diet will also take care of your health and it will repair your hypothalamus system which will result in healthy eating habits. It will control the food intake and will make it stable to the healthy level.

Above all, HCG diet drops works very quickly for what it is meant for. It effect primarily on the body section where the fat has been excessively stored and then makes your body in shape by performing all unnecessary fat burning and deductions!

This is a simple theory which is easy to understand and this theory becomes significantly effective in HCG diet drops.

On the other hand Master cleanse is a diet system which is particularly based on the lemonade diet in which one is not allowed to take any solid foods.

Master cleanse lemon detox diet is a lemonade drink that contains fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. This is basically a system that helps in cleansing the body internally as well as externally.

This drink should be taken 6 to 12 servings every day. In addition, salt water and herbal laxatives can be used to flush the toxins and wastes out of your body.

So, Can I Take HCG and Master Cleanse Diet At the Same Time?

As per my personal opinion both of these programs are effective enough in satisfying the needs of body in a different way. These both systems are highly effective in targeting their primary purpose and can be tried out simultaneously.

But I often recommend choosing ONE and going with one of them at a time so that you can concentrate on satisfying your primary goal one at a time. Whichever program you choose it should be the dedication to follow, that works for your body.

It is a fact that being overweight is an invitation to host of diseases and illnesses and thus you are helping your body by choosing the one system at a time. Just stick with it and work hard for getting the results.

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