Can I Drink Coffee While on Master Cleanse?

Master cleanse is basically a detoxification process wherein your body is freed from all the toxins in a most natural way. It is not a quick fix program or a kind of weight loss diet, rather it involves a cleansing process of toxins that have been building up due to certain foods and poor eating habits.

But as we know that master cleanse diet have strict guidelines to be followed, before one can see positive impact it is good to answer all your queries before you begin with it. Many people who are passionate about drinking coffee often ask me about the question; can we take coffee while on the master cleanse program? Let us see about it in detail below…

Coffee and Master Cleanse Program


To be true the whole master cleanse program does not allow intake of any caffeinated drinks or other beverages.

Stanley Burroughs, who introduced this cleansing program, suggested that you free yourself of any dependencies on coffee or other beverages, much prior to starting the diet.

Now suppose you have the habit of drinking coffee, green coffee or tea every day. And when you stop taking your daily beverages all of a sudden, you may face various withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, general illness or headache.

He says that cutting down on your daily beverages gradually, before starting the diet, can be the best way to avoid these sudden health issues. This is because, by the time you start with the MC diet, you would have already stopped taking beverages, which helps in getting your body to adjust to the changes in a better way.

Can Coffee Be Taken During Master Cleanse?

Burroughs says that the caffeine content in coffee (a stimulant) can disturb your natural cycle of sleep and wake. High intake of caffeine also increases the quantity of stress hormones released by your body. This in turn taxes your entire system.

Another important reason for avoiding coffee is because it interferes in your digestion process, and Master cleanse actually aims at resetting your body to make you healthier! So coffee will only resist the positive effects of the Master cleanse program, giving no good result.

This means that during the program, you must let your body function naturally without the effect of any stimulants, such as caffeine, so that the cleansing program can play its part very well.

Also, the master cleanse aims at alkalizing your body by lowering the acidic levels. This is because acidic condition of the body does not help in maintaining optimal health. Coffee is something that increases the level of acid in your blood, thereby disturbing the diet’s process of establishing an alkaline-acid balance in your body.

So the best way to get good results out of this cleansing diet program is by avoiding coffee completely from your diet. It will help in proper detoxification and maintenance of alkaline-acid balance.


However, there are few people who have continued to drink one cup of coffee or green coffee per day during the diet and have still lost a considerable amount of weight. These people were able to Detox and also lose their cravings for sugar, diet soda, processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

So having one cup of coffee every day while on Master cleanse will not really affect your weight loss but it will definitely affect the detoxification process to some extent. So it is best to avoid coffee to have a highly effective and successful internal body cleansing process.

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