Can We Use Honey Instead Of Maple Syrup for Master Cleanse Diet?

Organic maple syrup is full of vitamins, minerals & nutrients and is therefore considered as a high source of energy. Due to its rich nutritional value it is used as a main ingredient in master cleanse lemonade diet.


Master cleanse diet, as we all know, is one of the best weight loss systems as of now. As it has many beneficial ingredients (mainly grade b maple syrup) it helps brilliantly in controlling diet as well as weight in different ways.

Inevitably, many come across the situation of searching for maple syrup substitute in their local area and finally get solution to it in the form of raw or organic honey from the advice of experts.

But before you plan to use honey in your mc diet, let us know the pros and cons of it in detail…

Healthy Alternatives to Maple Syrup in Master Cleanse: Expert Views

Till date, many experts of master cleanse have also advised the use of molasses, agave, stevia or pure sugar cane syrup as substitutes. In case if you are suffering from diabetes and want to go for master cleanse then the best alternative to maple syrup for you can also be molasses.

According to expert research Sugar Cane, Sorghum Syrup and Coconut Nectar are few healthy alternatives to maple syrup which can be used in mc diet. Other than these Hickory Syrup, Birch Syrup and Tree Syrup are also recommended by few.

However as an important note, I should say that Maple Syrup is the only best thing which can be used in mc diet and this should not be replaced with anything else as far as possible.

Master Cleanse with Honey (In Place of Maple Syrup)

Stanley Burroughs who published the diet long back has also focused the use of maple syrup (and nothing else) as a main ingredient. As cleared by various sources he does not recommend using honey as a substitute.

But if you are in a place where there is no availability of Grade B pure organic maple syrup (to use in MC weight loss diet) then Grade A maple syrup or organic honey can be used as a better substitute with other ingredients.

It is important to note that honey in place of main ingredient maple syrup is advised by only few. Though honey has less sugar compounds in it to energize the body, it is not equal to maple syrup in making a healthy weight loss diet.

Studies reveal that honey can’t provide all the powerful benefits of maple syrup in cleansing the body system. Also it cannot give the required vitamins, minerals and energy to the body to shed weight as provided by the pure organic maple syrup.

Thus usage of master cleanse with honey is recommended only in extreme cases when there is no availability of maple syrup.

Probably, the main reason to restrict the use of honey in lemonade diet is due to its deficiency in calcium and many detrimental effects on the health of the human beings.

However, honey fails to create the balances in the body when used in the master cleanse and therefore will adversely affect on the normal functions of spleen, pancreas and liver. It is therefore recommended not to use the honey for this diet.

This is not a medical advice but a suggestion that as maple syrup is the blood of maple tree with many benefits which lacks in honey, it should not be substituted with anything else.

Honey on the other hand is picked from the nectar of the different species of flowers by bees itself and is therefore not suggested to use in this diet.

Can Honey Be Used In Other Ways?

Although honey is not recommended as a healthy substitute for maple syrup (for master cleanse diet), drinking this with warm lemon water early in the morning can help in weight loss.

According to you can also use this combination with a cinnamon powder and drink it on an empty stomach for getting the natural benefits.

If you are concerned about where to shop for finest quality honey for your use, you can check it online at your favorite store at Amazon.

Here you will find some of the best brands that manufactures top quality honey for providing you the real natural benefits.

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