What Is The Difference between Lime and Lemon?

Limes and lemons are from the same citrus fruit family, rich in vitamin C but different in color. Limes are green and smaller, whereas lemons are yellow and big in size.

Despite the difference in flavor, color and size; limes and lemons have the same nutritional benefits and are low in calories.

Those who are conscious of health and diet can add lemons to their nutritional diet as a good dietary fiber which can help to meet their daily needs of Vitamin B-9 and C.

Mainly, limes and lemons contain limonoids that support most favorable health. It helps to treat & prevent cancer.

If you gain the complete idea about the difference between lime and lemon and the compounds present in them, for sure you are going to be choosy in selecting them for your health benefits and use in the kitchen.


Contains similar content of nutrients

When comparing limes and lemons, the weight itself reveals that these are almost impossible to differentiate in nutritional values.

Both have nearly 30 calories and 2.8 grams of dietary fiber and 2-3% of vitamin B-9 intake that weighs to nearly 1.5 times of half mug peeled lemon.

Even though, the lime has (to some extent) more carbohydrates, and less protein when compared to lemons, these dissimilarities present little effect on your everyday intake.

Has good Vitamin C substance

Limes and lemons are not a rich source of minerals and vitamins, but contains a large amount of Vitamin C.

With nearly 53 milligrams of vitamin C, 100 grams of lemons present 71 % of a woman’s and 59% of man’s normal ingestion.

In disparity, 29 milligrams of Vitamin C in 100 grams of limes are 39 % of a woman & 32% of a man’s regular eating diet.

Different in taste

Lemons are sourer than limes as lemons contain more citric acid and limes have less of it.

As per the scientific name, lemons are Citrus Limon which is very tart and acidic in flavor.

Lemons are a traverse between citron and lines and are in use for about 2,500 years.

These are popular for adding flavors and preservatives in a variety of foods and beverages to use in a fresh way anytime.

Difference in pH

Although both lime and lemons have similar acidic nature, limes are known to be more acidic than lemons due to their slightly lower pH values.

Lemon juice shows pH between 2.00 and 2.60 whereas lime juice shows a pH between 2.00 and 2.35.

Health benefits of lime and lemon

Limes and lemons have good antioxidants and anti-cancer properties and for this reason, the inclusion of lime juice was a part of everyday life and diet of people in West Africa, where cholera epidemics took place.

Researches began to conduct experiments by adding lime juice to the mush eaten with rice and finally found to have strong and protective results to fight cholera and other viral diseases.

Which is better for health?

Although both lime and lemons provide nearly equal benefits to the users, the more vitamin C content present in lemons makes it a better choice for good health.

You can, however, carry on consuming the one which is most suitable to your taste buds as both of them are good for health.

Make a cocktail as per your use

Lemons and limes hold an important place in adding to the drinks and cocktails in the form of simple syrup.

If you are very passionate and a professional in designing a drink or a cocktail, you need to know the consistency of citric acid in limes and lemons based upon which you can add it to the cocktail to enjoy the taste.

You can try making a sweet and sour cocktail with the changes using lime and lemon as this process is creative and good to follow anytime in the future.

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