Aloe Vera Gel Vs. Aloe Vera Juice: What’s Better?

Aloe Vera plant is commonly seen in central Asia, India, South Africa, and the Caucasus region.

The plant comprises enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salicylic acids, carbohydrates, and phytochemicals.

Aloe Vera

Due to its natural healing properties, Aloe Vera is widely used in a range of products such as cosmetics, medicines, and foods.

Aloe Vera is also used as an effective weight loss remedy which is today getting worldwide popularity.

It has multiple advantages that help one to maintain the normal body weight along with precluding various health problems.

Aloe Vera comprises of natural anti-oxidants that assist in the development of free radicals inside the body.

It helps in stimulating the overall metabolic rate of the body thereby utilizing the stored energy of the body.

This particular process stabilizes along with reducing the mass index of the body.

The energy that is stored within the body is taken away from the body.

In Ayurveda, it has been said that consuming Aloe Vera juice throughout a week is equivalent to the workout done throughout the week.

Aloe Vera leaves are the best for reducing weight and maintaining it.

Aloe Vera Juice vs. Gel: The Difference

Aloe vera is a tropical plant with oral value. Both the juice and gel are equally good but come from different plant parts and have different uses.

It is important to discuss with a healthcare professional before using it as an oral or topical medication.Aloe vera benefits

Aloe vera gel is extracted from the central part of the plant. It has clear gel which is used as a topical ointment.

According to the Maryland Medical Center, the gel has active compounds that offer skin healing properties.

The gel is secure for external use and doesn’t have allergies or reactions. Some of the benefits of aloe vera gel are mentioned below:

  1. Cuts and scrapes
  2. Sunburn
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Cold sores
  5. Dermatitis
  6. Eczema

Aloe vera juice is extracted from the leaf’s outer part and is consumed orally in liquid form. It has skin healing benefits and enhances your immune system.

It is also used to treat diabetes, asthma, epilepsy as well as bone-related issues. It is also safe to apply topically. Some of the benefits of aloe vera juice are given below:

  1. Positively affects heartburn and indigestion
  2. Enhances gastric health
  3. Adds to your immune system
  4. Balances stomach acid
  5. Helps in inflammation bouts
  6. Helps in maintaining good cholesterol levels
  7. Aids joint health
  8. Offer analgesic properties.

When used as a laxative, aloe vera juice may offer some discomfort and cramping and this is why other herbal laxatives are chosen in place of this.

However, the juice is of great help as a diabetic medication. On the other hand, the gel is safe and doesn’t have any side effects.

But, in order to avoid any irritation, you shouldn’t apply it to open wounds.

Based on the above we can say that the main difference between the two lies in their method of extraction and usages.

While the gel is best suggested to be used topically, the juice is suggested for oral consumption.

So, if you are looking for enhanced skin, then gel may better for you. But if you want gastric solutions and internal well-being, then the juice is better for you.

Is Aloe Vera Juice Safe to Drink?

Aloe Vera is a rich source of nutrients and an energy drink that stock up the body with all the scarce minerals and vitamins.

It contains more amounts of antibiotics and antioxidants that help in rousing the growth of cells.

Besides this, the juice helps to reduce minor infections in the body with chronic pain in a natural way.

It is safe to cure irritable bowel syndrome, to boost the immune system, and cure the joint pain.

You can have it as an ideal drink and add to your regular diet. There is no difference if you drink aloe Vera with or without food.

However, it is always good for you to consult a specialist before drinking the superfood juice for you to be on the safer side.

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Well, Aloe Vera is safe, but consuming unprocessed juice can cause side effects that lead to major health issues. Some of the side effects of drinking aloe vera juice (especially when consumed in large quantity) can be:

  • Can cause diarrhea when large amounts are consumed
  • May cause cramps, dehydration, and pain
  • Drinking excess may cause allergic reactions like hives or skin rashes or cause difficulty in breathing
  • May cause throat irritation or chest pain
  • Lactating and pregnant women are forbidden from drinking Aloe Vera juice due to irritant and purgative qualities
  • High dosage even leads to kidney problem and strictly to be ignored if you are suffering from hemorrhoids

How Does Aloe Vera Taste?

What can you mix with aloe vera juice to make it tastier?

As such Aloe Vera is the purest and freshest consumable plant in the world and the juice extracted is not very rich in flavors. The unsweetened or undiluted juice tastes like watery, bitter acid reflux with a bit of sweet tinge.

And for this reason, not many people like to drink it pure as they say that it smells not good.

However, if you want to make it tastier it can be flavored with your favorite drink for quick effect on health. The recipes you can try with aloe vera juice may include:

  • Aloe vera with green apple
  • Aloe vera smoothie with spinach and avocado
  • Aloe vera with strawberry and lemonade

Other than above Kiwi, papaya, pineapple, orange, cucumber, and many more can be tried out in combination with aloe vera juice to make it tastier.

When to Drink Aloe Vera Juice?

Nice question!

Generally, a fundamental property of this amazing Aloe Vera plant is that it cleanses the intestine’s villi and removes the toxins which accumulate all around it.

In case of use, it is good to drink in the morning after getting fresh. It is because the intestines and stomachs are empty and aloe Vera proves to be more helpful, beneficial and more comfortable without causing any obstacle.

Two doses of aloe Vera juice in a day are enough which is one in the morning and the second in the afternoon or three hours before going to sleep.

More importantly, 20 minutes before having food as it is essential to give time for the stomach to break down the aloe into organic elements like minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and other elements.

If you are planning to buy these juices online and wondering which aloe vera juice is best, you can check some of the below options below…

How Much Juice Should You Drink?

This is a question that generally depends upon a number of factors before it can be answered. These may be like: what type of aloe vera you are drinking, why you are drinking aloe vera, your general health and diet conditions, etc.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous Aloe Vera Drinks and Juices available in the market which ranges from diluted to concentrated.

You should generally look at the type and quality before you start consuming the aloe vera juice on a regular basis. You should also know about the exact reason why you need to drink the juice.

For many, it is just to maintain general health but for many others, it is for treating any particular ailment or for aiding weight loss.

If you are a first-time aloe vera drinker you can start with two to three tablespoons of aloe vera juice in a day. This is to make a check that you are not allergic to this diet and do not show any aloe vera side effects. For many, this is enough to maintain good health conditions.

People who feel good and find it beneficial after taking 2-3 tablespoons of juice in a day, can increase the quantity.

For them, it is normally advised to drink a glass of aloe vera juice one time a day (best is an empty stomach in the morning).

Later this can be increased to two times a day to clean the bowels and feel active. You can also drink several glasses of aloe vera juice if you are comfortable with it.

However, do discuss the same with your doctor or dietician before trying this.

How does Aloe Vera Juice Benefits for Weight Loss?

Aloe Vera juice is basically a liquid that is extracted from the tubules of Aloe Vera plants.

Consuming Aloe Vera gel or juice twice in a day can help one to reduce a considerable amount of weight. Aloe Vera gel or latex is also regarded as a soothing balm for burns and cuts.

It has been scientifically proved that aloe Vera consumption helps in enhancing metabolism rates thereby contributing towards ideal weight loss.

The amount of protein and collagens assist the body in spending the excess energy for assimilating the collagen proteins within the body.

It is because of the protein, it endorses muscle development and expenditure of high energy that helps in reducing weight.

Collagens play an important role in reducing the food stored within the intestines. It also lowers down the amount of energy that is stored in the food for helping in speeding up the metabolism.

Health Benefits Offered by Aloe Vera besides Weight Loss

It is certainly not possible for one to receive a variety of vitamins from the consumed diet.

By consuming aloe Vera juice, you feed your internal system with vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E along with niacin and folic acid.

Stoppage of constipation and enhancement of digestion is what aloe Vera helps in. Lesser energy is absorbed by the body when one consumes aloe Vera juice on a daily basis.

Thus if you are suffering from problems such as indigestion or constipation, start consuming organic aloe vera leaves juice which is meant to provide you greater relief due to its healing properties.

Aloe Vera further has both detoxifying and laxative properties that assist in forcing the food out of the colons at a faster pace.

The cleansing of the colon helps one to get rid of the overweight physique.

Aloe Vera also helps in reducing the blood sugar levels of the body thereby discouraging fat storage in them.

It lets the sugar enter gradually inside the cells thereby keeping one fuller for a longer time span.

Aloe vera is a herb that is also known to control diabetes problems quite efficiently.

Consuming the aloe vera plant juice also helps in enhancing the beauty by providing glowing skin and beautiful hairs.

Drinking the juice is also recommended for girls who are suffering from skin problems or loss of hair problems.

In order to consume aloe Vera juice, you can mix up half a glass of aloe Vera juice with water or normal juice and consume it once or twice a day.

Can I Take Aloe Vera Juice with Master Cleanse?

Some of the master cleansers include aloe vera diet to their recipe due to various reasons.

Burning sensation in the stomach while taking continuous lemonade diet is one of the main reasons why people need to include diets such as aloe vera in their master cleanse.

However, the truth is – drinking anything with the master cleanse diet is actually not recommended and it will not yield the same benefits as achieved by pure master cleansing lemonade diet.

Although drinking aloe vera with the master cleanse does not show any negative side effects, it may interfere with the desired results of cleansing.

How aloe vera juice can be made at home?

Overall aloe Vera is a healthy drink and drinking it or consuming in the form of leaf improves health, reduces weight lowers blood sugar level and acts as a superfood.

Well, consult your physician if you are on a medication treatment to continue the use or reduce the quantity to feel better without any side effects.

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