Does Maple Syrup Need Kosher Certification?

The most popular and favorite sweetener of many is Maple syrup today. It is 100% natural and is claimed to be healthier and highly nutritious when compared to sugar. Made from the circulating fluid of maple trees, it is consumed for centuries due to lack of additives.

Kosher Certification

Fortunately, Kosher certified this sugary syrup as pure and complies with the dietary laws of the Jewish. Well, being the best way to spell about the quality, it is certified as organic and kosher.

In order to get Kosher certification for any healthy food item, all the machinery and the jars need to get inspected along with the detergents used to clean the equipment and machines. This all is essential to make sure that everything is approved by Kosher.

What is Kosher Certification?

The word Kosher literally means “fit and proper”. And a kosher certification is a seal on the food products that assures the quality and added ingredients as related to the traditional laws of Jewish. It is a process where the company makes it certain that their food and extracted liquids are kosher as per the food standards and fit to consume.

Basically, Kosher is a dietary practice rooted in the Jewish tradition and is prepared keeping in mind the Jewish laws. Kosher rules and regulation with laws are more complex, particularly at present where the modern technology is more in application and use.

The procedure of kosher certification has affected the food industry fundamentally and more that 80% products are attempted to be certified with the certification process.

What is Kosher Food?

Kosher foods are the foods that are prepared as per the Jewish food laws. It is the biblical form which mentions that:

  • Eagle, rabbit, sturgeon, shellfish, reptile, pork, owl, insect or catfish is non-kosher.
  • The other species of fowl and meat need to be slaughtered in the way prescribed by the Jewish dietary laws.
  • Dairy and meat are not allowed to consume together.

A kosher food cooked or processed together with non-kosher food becomes not certified like food coloring resulting from a shellfish and used in a cake makes it a non-kosher food. Finally, due to the increasing demand of types of foods, kosher certification is mandatory for the agencies to determine the status of food and get it labeled as kosher food for trust of customers.

Is Maple Syrup Kosher?

Well, when it comes to pure organic maple syrup, it is inevitably kosher! As it is pure and extracted from the sap of the maple tree there are no additives and thus no reason to apply for kosher certification and get the approval.

To the point, kosher is a supervision and a blessing to the food and its quality. Many companies today enjoys high profits with kosher certification that assures about the product and enhances sales in the market.

Some of these companies clarify the doubt about maple syrup a kosher product and get pass certification to fill the tins and jars and stock the store cabinets to fulfill the demand of people.

However it is important to note that due to increasing demand of maple syrup, there are many maple syrup brands that are not 100% pure or organic. It is therefore important to check for the trusted brand and quality before buying for your use.

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