What Is Body Mass Index: How BMI Calculator and Chart Helps In Judging Your Overall Health?

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The body mass index is a measure of the body fat in the human body. It gives you an idea of whether the person concerned is over-weight or under-weight. It was first devised between 1830 and 1850 by a person named Adolphe Quetelet.

BMI is a great method to analyze your overall health and based on it you can accordingly then plan your diet and lifestyle. You should definitely calculate BMI and check your health if you plan to start a new exercise routine or you want to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

People often plan to start a new weight loss diet like a Master cleanse diet thinking that they are obese or overweight and need to burn some excess fat. But in some of these cases the real fact is that they are not actually obese.

For most of them a regular exercise and healthy food is enough for maintaining their fit body. And if they try any weight loss program or diet, it can adversely affect their system.

Here comes the necessity and importance of calculating your BMI

How To Calculate Body Mass Index?

Normally a body mass index formula requires only your height and weight. The BMI is calculated mathematically in SI units by dividing the mass in kilograms by the square of the height in meters.

BMI= Body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared
BMI = x KG / (y M * y M)

Where: x stands for the body weight in Kilograms and y stands for height in meters.

BMI Table

Based on BMI different people can be categorized as normal weight, overweight and obese. Below BMI table will help you know about whether you are obese or not.

Normal weight       19–24,9
Overweight             25–29,9
Obesity level I        30–34,9
Obesity level II      35–39,9
Obesity level III     ≥ 40

A BMI chart and a calculator for both men and women is also available online. All you have to do is map your height to the chart/calculator and you will find the value of the ideal weight for your body.

You can also enter the weight and the height on the BMI calculator websites dedicated to the BMI and the smart calculator will give you the exact value of the BMI.

So if you are really wondering that whether your body needs a change of diet or needs a strict exercise routine, then judge that based on you BMI. Calculating the BMI and checking your health should be your first step towards a better lifestyle.

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It has been seen that there are separate BMI charts provided for men and women as the BMI for a particular height in men and women differs to a great extent.

It is therefore very important for women to know about BMI chart for women as women are susceptible to a number of health problems especially after the age of 40.

You should then plan your diet and exercise routines according to the BMI chart for women.

Does BMI Calculator Really Work?

BMI is a measure that indicates the risk of contracting a particular disease or an illness. It is the ratio of the weight of an individual to the square of his or her height.

BMI ranges may vary in men and women but it roughly gives us an idea of what the ideal body weight should be. The main question however is does BMI really work?

The answer to this question is Yes!

The BMI indicator is being used since early 1800s. It has been tested and verified for different body types. The results have been consistent in assessing a particular body type and can be trusted.

Many doctors have also voted in the favour of the BMI as a measure to detect the ideal weight for a particular height.

BMI may not work for those with a heavily muscular body or a short stature. The BMI will label these individuals as obese which may not exactly the case. For the rest of us however the answer to the question does BMI really work remains a firm Yes.

So if the BMI has indicated you to be overweight start working out or devise a new diet plan like a master cleanse diet plan to get back in shape fast and easy.


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