How Does Senna Herbal Tea Benefits?

A few years before fewer people know about senna and its major health benefit.

But nowadays everyone is well aware of senna and its importance. Basically the senna is an herbal plant.

senna leaf

The senna leaf acts as a natural laxative and thus it stimulates the natural peristaltic movement in the human body and leads to proper and regular bowel movement.

Out of the various parts of the plant, the senna leaves are highly useful for certain human ailments.

With the help of senna leaves a tea will be prepared which is highly effective in case of chronic constipation.

This is the main reason which stimulates many people to consume senna leaf tea.

Major Constituents Of Senna Leaves

The major chemical constituent present in senna leaves is anthraquinones and sennosides, whose major property is laxative.

After consuming the concentrated senna tea, the sennosides and anthraquinones irritate the intestinal wall and thereby increases the peristaltic movements effectively.

In fact, so many developed nations like the United States of America, Russia, etc. approved the senna to use as a non-prescription laxative.

Even in the medical field the surgeons and health care professionals suggest senna as a principle laxative medicine before starting the colonoscopy procedure to their patients.

People going forĀ senna leaf tea should focus on variants that have lower concentration of senna leaves and more of pods.

The relative effectiveness of pods is lesser than the leaves, but it renders the tea milder.

Health Benefits Of Senna Leaf Tea

Senna Tea

When speaking in terms of research, the senna leaves undergone various lab studies and tested about its potential benefits in capsule form as well as in powder form.

But in tea form or decoction from the senna leaves were tested in very few occasions only.

In one particular research study, the senna leaves and erythromycin drug were used as experimental and control tool to treat bacterial infection mainly in the colon.

The results are highly compromising that both appeared as highly potent in controlling the unwanted bacterial growth in the intestines provided the senna also has good effect in stimulating the peristaltic movements.

By the principle laxative effects of senna leaf tea so many digestive system problems are getting rectified gradually and easily without any drug interaction.

Some of the major bodily ailments which are highly reduced by regular consumption of senna tea are a chronic form of constipation, hemorrhoids, incomplete evacuation of bowels, anal fistula and fissures, colon muscle weakness, etc.

Reviews online about the Alvita organic senna leaf tea suggest that it is #1 selling product which has already benefited people greatly.

This natural tea can be consumed daily (not more than 2 cups) for getting the regular benefits out of it.

Preparing Alvita senna tea is also very simple and the main thing, for consumption it is highly palatable and tasty.

One of the best methods to make a great-tasting cup of tea is by the infusion method. You just need to place 1 senna tea bag in a cup and then add about 6 oz. of boiling water in it.

After steeping for about 3 minutes, press the bag and remove it from the cup.

This will enhance the flavor of the tea. If required you can add few drops of honey for sweetening the tea.

Does It Help In Constipation?

Constipation is one of the commonest gastrointestinal complaints among people of all ages. At times it can be painful and embarrassing too.

Thanks to herbs such as senna leaves which has been used for ages for getting relief from the problems of constipation.

Senna is initially used in the ninth century AD by Arabian physicians for treating the problem of constipation. From then it has got popular around the world.

Active ingredients of senna help in stimulating the muscle contractions inside the intestines which eventually helps in producing smooth bowel movements.

Senna Tea Side Effects And Safety Measures

Senna tea

As already mentioned very well about the laxative effect of senna tea, it should be consumed in a limited amount. In case of high consumption of senna pod tea, it may cause chronic diarrhea which is highly difficult to control with any drugs.

The senna tea should not be consumed by the people who are already having excessive bowel movement like in the case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Always try to consume the senna tea in limited amounts that too preferably in the early morning time.

Taking anything in limited amounts always gives pleasure and good benefits.

The same way when the senna leaves tea is taken in perfect proportion it works as a good colon cleansing drink mainly concerning the digestive system.

Can I take Senna Tea with Master Cleanse?

Master cleanse, as we all know, is a 10-day diet that constitutes the main ingredients lemonade, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

This diet requires you to consume only liquids (without any solid foods).

Normal green tea (both caffeinated as well as decaffeinated varieties of green tea) is although not allowed during the diet, herbal laxative tea (particularly made from senna leaf) is sometimes recommended during this diet for easing the bowel movements.

You can take senna leaf laxative tea in the evening and in the morning during the master cleaning.

Is It Safe To Take Senna During Pregnancy?

As discussed above that senna is helpful in constipation, many pregnant women (suffering from constipation issues during pregnancy) gets interested in taking senna.

The herb can be safe for a few pregnant women but the dangers, side effects, and risks associated with it can not be neglected and should be taken into account before consuming it.

Senna is said to be possibly safe during pregnancy when taken in small quantities. However, it can prove to be harmful if taken in large doses or over an extended period of time.

Consuming Senna for a longer period of time can cause dehydration in the body which may result in complications of pregnancy such as preterm labor.

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