How Many Calories are in Master Cleanse Diet?

Most of the people who are interested in undertaking lemonade mc diet have a question in mind about the calorie they intake per day when on the master cleanse diet.

Well, the amount of calories in lemon juice that you take in preparing master cleanse drink is around 11 calories.

Calories in master cleanse diet

While the cayenne pepper does not have any calories, the calories of maple syrup depend upon the brand that you choose.

Pure maple syrup has around 40 calories per tablespoon (mc diet requires 2 tablespoons per drink).

So as per the master cleanse ingredients and recipe each lemon drink that you consume contains 90 calories.

Now if you drink eight glasses of this drink every day, your daily calorie intake would be 720 calories.

Along with calories, you are also taking minerals, fats, and sugars while on the master cleanse diet. You should be aware of them too.

Minerals, Fats, And Sugars In Master Cleanse

The total fat content in it is 0.1g. There is no amount of saturated and monounsaturated fats but 0.1g of polyunsaturated fats.

It contains 9.9 mg sodium, 0.2g dietary fiber, and 123g potassium and 29.6g total carbohydrates.

Per serving of master cleanse drink contains 24.6g sugars and 0.1g protein along with 1.6% vitamin A, 1% vitamin B-12, 23.6% vitamin C, 0.2% vitamin E.

Also it includes 3.5% calcium, 3% copper, 1% folate, 2.7% magnesium, 0.4% pantothenic acid, 0.3% niacin, 0.3% phosphorous, 11.2% zinc, 0.4% selenium and 0.8% thiamin.

Studies showed that on average a man can lose 16 lbs. while following this cleansing method. Whereas, women lose only 12lbs.

However, it is sad to reveal that when both the sexes resume their regular eating habits, they add 6lbs to their total body weight.

What Are The Common Master Cleanse Detox Ingredients?

Stanley Burroughs and Peter Glickman are the originators of the master cleanser. It is a health regime that detoxifies the body and helps to lose weight.

The master cleanse ingredients include pure lemon juice, cayenne peep, Grade B maple syrup, and plain water.

The right mixture of these Master cleanse ingredients and consuming it in right amount for a fixed period of time help to shift your body into better shape.

It should be noted that the exact measurement is very important to get good results which should be as follows:

Amazon: 10-Day Organic Master Cleanse Kit

Amazon: 10-Day Organic Master Cleanse Kit

  • 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice that is freshly squeezed
  • 10 ounces of filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Mix the master cleanse ingredients and drink 12 servings of this prepared lemonade diet every day.

The master cleanse ingredients are simple, affordable and easily available. The only thing is you have to do is take advantage of it.

What is extremely important is that you stick with the master cleanse diet. The first two to three days of any cleanse are difficult.

But, once you get through those days, you will find the diet gets a lot easier and comfortable.

It is advisable to make lemonade juice cleanse detox every day from fresh ingredients so that it will not get stale.

It will be more effective this way and will provide you the best and fast results.

Significance of Ingredients for Master Cleanse

The master cleanse detox diet is packed with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

The main master cleanse diet ingredient (lemon) is a citrus fruit and contains powerful antioxidant properties that help to minimize the risk of colon cancer.

Besides, it is rich in vitamin C, potassium and flavonoids that reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Maple syrup is high in zinc and manganese that helps to boost the immune system. It is also loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B2, Iron, Calcium, and potassium.

It contains natural sugar that is much easier to digest and provide the required energy.

Cayenne pepper helps to reduce pain and inflammation due to the presence of capsaicin. Besides, cayenne pepper is rich with vitamin A, C and B complex.

It is an important herb that has more medicinal value.

It regulates the digestive system, improves blood circulation, drains and flushes mucus from the body. Water helps to keep the body hydrated and helps to run it optimally.

Ingredients in Master cleanse makes the master cleanse a powerful diet to detoxify the body resulting in weight loss very fast and naturally.

Overall, the master cleanse is a detox diet that helps in losing weight and in achieving a healthy and fit body.

It is also called as master cleanser 10-day fast or maple syrup diet or lemonade diet or cayenne pepper diet and even Beyoncé diet.

According to various reviews and researches, the master cleanse diet should be followed for 10 days to get its best results.

So why not give it a try and help cleanse your system in the most powerful, effective and safest way.

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