How Parasite Cleanse Helps In Getting Rid of Parasites?

Parasites are the tiny organisms which live with (in or on) another organism known as hosts, in order to have food and shelter. These gets the nutrients at the expense of hosts thus harming them in many ways.

It has been seen that some parasites are not harmful to their host where as others are to survive. In parasites, some grow, multiply and even release a toxin which makes the host sick or ill, resulting in the parasitic infections.

This all happens because a parasite cannot live individually and uses the strength of the host to grow and reproduce. In general, they are smaller when compared to the size of the host, but reproduce at a very faster rate than its host.

Types of Parasites

Parasite cleanse

Basically, there are many types of parasites; few examples are discussed below:

Ectoparasite: This parasite lives on the surface of the host and their examples are mites, body and hair lice.

Endaparasite: This parasite survives inside the host like tapeworm, flatworm and heartworm.

The parasite that inhabits inside the host body is referred to as an inter-cellular parasite. These are viruses or bacteria as they depend on the third organism referred as carrier (vector) which sends out the endoparasite to the host.

Epiparasite: These types nourishes on other parasites and is known as hyperparasitism. It is a flea which is found on a dog or a protozoan in the digestive tract in the form of hyperparasite.

Parasitoid: It is the parasite type which performs larval development and kills the host. This is the characteristic of predation for which the host dies.

What Are The Causes of Parasitic Infection?

There are many ways through which the parasitic infections are caused and even spread. They can be extended through waste, blood, fecal matter, food that is undercooked, contaminated water which has been mishandled, etc. There is even a chance to spread parasitic infection through sexual contact.

Besides this, there are some infections that spreads due to the act of insects as carriers of numerous diseases. They transmit the disease while feeding on the host  (the example is malaria which is spread by mosquitoes as disease vectors). In few cases even animals and insects (like mosquitoes) spread harmful parasitic diseases.

Observing the main causes of parasitic diseases, many poor nations are following urbanization. They insist in making the people aware of its causes and are taking steps for providing better treatment facilities.

What Are The Common Parasitic Ailments?

The most common one is Malaria, which happens to nearly 300 to 500 millions of people every year from which about 2 millions may lead to death. Other parasitic diseases which cause severe illness are amebiasis, filariasis, Leishmaniasis, African sleeping sickness and Chagas disease.

Parasites Symptoms

What Happens When You Are Affected By Parasitic Diseases?

The affect of parasitic infection begins with showing the symptoms like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Feeling fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Allergies
  • Nervousness and sleeping disorders
  • Anemia or constipation
  • Rashes, eczema or hives
  • Fuzzy thinking or headaches
  • Loss of appetite or gaining weight
  • Intestinal problems causing diarrhea or blockage of the intestines

How to Get The Problem Diagnosed?

It is difficult to diagnose the problem associated with parasitic infection. This is due to the fact that many types of parasites are not diagnosed as harmful in the blood tests.

But those who are prone to these infections are treated with certain medicines after performing special blood test and examinations under a microscope.

How Parasite Cleansing Process Work and Helps?

There is a 3 step parasite cleansing process which is to be followed:

Step One: Weaken the parasite

Nearly for 10 days, consume 2 pieces of garlic capsules with every meal in a day as this helps to release the parasites that hold on your body. Besides this effective way, there are many other anti-parasitic ways which can be tried on these harmful parasites.

Step 2: Time to flush the parasites out

This is the main step where there is the use of herbs to treat parasites.

  • You need to take half spoon of parasite cleansing formula which includes Pau D’Arco, burdock, cloves, wormwood, thyme and black walnut ingredients as per the body weight.
  • It tastes like dirt, but you may add water to it to make the taste better.
  • At the same time, you are advised to take cleansing foods which cleanse the bowels and let the parasites exit the body in a natural way.

Step 3: Strengthen the body to stop re-infestation

After being on the parasite cleanse diet or anti parasite diet for 10 days, you can continue to eat a simple diet following a high quality probiotic.

Parasite cleansing kit for children and adults is now available online to buy and follow as per suggestion and be free from the parasitic infections.

Side Effects of Parasite Cleansing

Parasite cleansing is the process by which the parasites are removed from the body. However according to the experts in there may be some side effects of parasite cleansing, which are generally mild. Let us take a look at some of these side effects here…

Side effects in the respiratory system – When the body gets rid of the parasites through the cleansing process, the body muscles exert pressure in one direction, to flush out the parasites. This may lead to mild problems in respiration, just like the condition of a running nose, cough and sneezing. Children or teenagers undergoing the cleansing process are more prone to these types of side effects.

Side effects for gastrointestinal system – During the course of parasite cleansing, when the parasites are killed in large numbers, at a time, and when the body tries to get rid of the dead parasites, irritation of the gastrointestinal system may occur. The side effects may include loose motion, nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence. Sometimes, stomach cramps may also happen.

Side effects on the neurological system – Dizziness and headache may be associated during the process of parasite cleansing. These neurological side effects occur due to the body trying to get rid thousands of parasites and the toxins, released by them, from the body. Drinking plenty of water may help ease the dizziness and headache.

Side effects on the skin – Sometimes, allergies and rashes are observed on the body, during the parasite cleansing. These happen due to the large numbers of parasites being killed within the body, and the removal of toxins from the body.

In general, the side effects of parasite cleansing are mild in nature, but can sometimes aggravate, like, acute diarrhea. Naturopathic physicians advocate slowing down the process of cleansing, in case the side effects are significant. But recommends that, if the body can withstand the side effects, the process of parasite cleansing should be completed.

The overall opinion of advocates of this natural therapy is, falling slightly ill during the process is a good sign and should not be considered as a point to not try the cleansing!

How To Use Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar as Parasite Cleanser?

Coconut oil cleanse is a safe method which can be effectively used to get rid of parasites in the body. This not only helps in parasite cleanse but also helps in relieving many other body ailments. You can take coconut oil by mixing it in warm water and consuming it for about a week.

You are also advised to add coconut oil while cooking food as it contains 50% Lauric acid. Lauric acid is a saturated fat and produces a substance which kills viruses, parasites, yeasts and the bad bacteria in the digestive system.

In case of Apple Cider Vinegar, it keeps stomach free from harmful parasites and ensures that the larvae, which you eat accidentally in meals, are eliminated from the body. Apple cider cleanse can also be tried out with warm water for a week time for getting effective parasitic cleansing results.

Will Master Cleanse Help Me to Get Rid of Parasites?

We know master cleanse as a diet system which is used for people to lose weight effectively in just few days. This involves using of special ingredients along with starving. People are not at all allowed to eat the real solid  food when trying this system.

Master cleanse system also starves the parasites and when these parasites do not get their food or nutrition, they automatically get killed and removed from the body.

Thus it is much clear that master cleanse not only cleanses the body for weight loss but also helps in getting rid of parasites to some extent by performing an effective parasitic cleanse and detoxification.

So why not, take care of yourself and follow the best parasite cleansing process that suits you best for staying fit and healthy lifelong!

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