How To Make Strawberry Lemonade?

Who does not like strawberries? If you are the strawberry appreciator like me then you will definitely like the strawberry lemonade recipe for making easy homemade strawberry lemonade.

I know this is nothing to do with the weight loss (as we discuss about in this blog). But as I really love sipping the refreshing strawberry lemonade, i think its worth sharing here. Hopefully you will love it too!

So, let’s learn how you can make the yummy strawberry lemonade easily at your home without too much efforts.

First of all collect all the necessary ingredients for making the strawberry lemonade such as water, lemon juice, sugar, and strawberries, slices of lemon and strawberries and ice. These all ingredients will help you to make perfect and adorable strawberry lemonade fast.

strawberry lemonade

Now when you have collected all the ingredients at the table, start by making the lemonade. You would need to mix sugar and lemon juice in the water and mix it properly till it completely dissolves in the water.

After this, it’s strawberry time. Remove all the bad spots stems and hulls of the strawberry and you use the strawberries according to your taste.

Add few of the pieces in a blender and blend them to make smooth paste.

Mix this paste with the lemonade and add ice to make your strawberry lemonade chill. If you don’t want to add ice you can freeze the strawberries prior to using as it will work the same way just like ice would do. Frozen strawberries will make your lemonade chill and smooth without any kind of water addition.

Now you need to blend all the mixture together so that the strawberries could blend with the other ingredients in a smoother way.

And that’s it! Your strawberry lemonade is ready to serve. You can serve it with some decorative lemon or strawberry slices. This is the most nourishing and really very yummy drink that no one can refuse.

Consider this your all time party drink and this would be perfect choice for all occasions! No matter what the weather is as this drink as this drink is most suitable and nourishing drink for you and your guests in all the seasons. Simply the difference of procedures in making the strawberry lemonade will make it season perfect drink.

Do Check Out the below videos for some more amazing ways on how to make easy strawberry lemonade at home…

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