Why To Use Distilled Water for Master Cleanse Diet?

The distilled filtered pure water is crucial to life and everyone knows it well. We all are aware that we crave for water as our body consists of 55 – 75% of water. It is suggested that drinking 5-8 glasses of water everyday reduces the risk of getting various types of body ailments.

Well, you may be thinking that we already know all this stuff…

But in spite of all the knowledge, we still keep ourselves dehydrated at times. The need of pure water for our body is due to the equal numbers of the ions in it in a neutral way.

It has less electrical conductivity which particularly boosts with the suspension of at least amount of ionic material like sodium.

Importance of Using Purified Water for Master Cleanse

distilled water

Pure water acts as a cleanser and is the most universal solvent which dissolves many compounds in it as compared to normal water.

This is the reason we have minerals in pure water to begin the cleansing system with.

Being fundamental for cleanse, it is the main part of the Master Cleanse program which is designed to burn the waste, mucous and toxins from the body.

As every Master Cleanse ingredient is important for preparing the most effective lemonade drink and to dissolve the waste and toxins.

In the same way, water is an important part of the MC to carry out the toxins from the organs from where the waste is eliminated.

Pure Water – Best Water to Use in Master Cleanse

Water which is free from harsh chemicals, has a pH level of 7.0 and holds a balance of natural minerals is pure water. It is best for you to use this for preparing your MC diet so that it works effectively on your body.

It is proved that pure water is not a mandatory item for the Master Cleanse program. But the main reason why the use of Pure Water is recommended is to cleanse the toxins in an effective manner.

Filtered Water or Distilled Water for Lemonade Diet?

Filtered water and distilled water may sound to be same and similar to pure water but it is actually different. Filtered water is achieved by passing the normal water through filters or materials like carbon to remove the impurity and contaminants.

Distilled water is achieved by a common process of removing all the impurities from the water, which is known as distillation. It is the process in which the normal water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed, which removes every chemical and impurities from it, including the traces of useful oxygen and minerals.

Stanley Burroughs called this water as cooked water or devitalized. And according to him this is not suitable for MC diet recipe as it lacks minerals.

Finally, it can be easily said that revitalized water in the form of pure water is best to add to the Master Cleanse program to achieve better results. Try it out now and achieve great results which is viewable.

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