Is It Okay To Exercise When On Master Cleanse Diet?

Late Stanley Burroughs created master cleanse diet. This detox diet is also famous with the name of lemonade diet.

The diet was designed primarily to get rid of impurities and to provide rest to your body’s digestive system. But now-a-days, master cleanse diet is used world wide for weight loss purpose.

The master cleanse diet comprises of maple syrup, purified water, fresh organic lemon juice, cayenne pepper.

An article on the official master cleanse website suggested that 10-16 days are best for carrying out this detox diet unless you are on a disease cleansing program.

No Strong Rule For Exercising When On Master Cleanse


People who want to try this master cleanse diet often get worried about the strict diet and exercising regimen that they may need to follow.

You would be glad to know that there exists no strong rule for exercising while you are on master cleanse diet.

You can indulge into light cardio exercises when on lemonade diet to help your body’s circulatory system release toxins for enhancing the detoxifying benefits.

It is sad to reveal that your body receives very less percentage of vitamins and minerals in your body while following master cleanse program. Therefore it is possible that you can feel very tired and exhausted in first few days of starting of program.

When your body releases toxins, you may experience symptoms like headaches, sore throat, congestion, mental and physical fatigue, flu like symptoms, running nose, muscle aches, irritability, lightheadedness and skin irritations.

You can perform exercises when your energy levels are high but avoid overdoing it. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated and to flush out toxins from body in a nice way.

Master Cleanse And Exercise

It has been recommended that 0.84g/kg and 0.75%g/kg of proteins should be taken on daily basis by males as well as females respectively. This recommended dose of proteins is important to consume if you are doing weight or endurance training.

While following master cleanse program, avoid performing strenuous exercises like endurance and weight training exercises as your body do not get any amount of proteins during detox.

During strenuous exercises, muscle fibers are broken down and protein is required for repair and rebuild of muscle tissues.

Light exercises like yoga, tai chi, walking, dancing and swimming, etc are good to perform while on detox diet.  These will help circulatory system to release excessive toxins and impurities from body.

It also stimulate release of endorphins that produces neurotransmitters which give relief in cases of pain and aches.

Should I Workout While Juice Cleansing?

Those who want to take up juice cleansing must seriously stop visiting the gym to be part of the gym rat race, as it will only physically exhaust you.

The risk involved here is the fact that the body, in order to derive energy, will metabolize its own muscle tissues. So minimal or no workouts is the best option when you are at it.

With juice fasts, you are becoming deficient in many of the nutrients. Always make sure to be well fed with ample nutrients if you involve yourself in workouts because it has the requisite fuel to propel you throughout the day.

Another factor that must be put to consideration is whether the juice fasts are mini fasts or mega fasts. That is, does your juice fast last less than a day; which is called a mini fast or is it longer than a day, which is called mega fast?

When you plan to involve yourself in mini fasts, the exercise routine or any other physical activity that you normally venture into is as normal as always.

This is because it doesn’t affect the body’s metabolism in a significant way apart from cleansing it from toxins. But then again, it varies with people.

Some tend to go light headed with a mini fast. So for people who fall in to that category; walking or light stretches or even a break from work out is suggested.

While you are at a mega fast that may last 40 days or longer, it is best recommended to give your body that much deserved break from exercise.

While the idea of hitting the gym may seem appealing with all the conserved energy in store for you, it is best that you stave off from any rigorous exercise except may be some easy walking, yoga or stretches.

If you go for super long fasts, its up to you to either not exercise at all or to stop from the rigorous juice fast plans.

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