Katie Holmes Weight Loss Diet Secrets and Tips

The famous “Dawson Creek” actress Katie Holmes is back with a bang with a new sexier figure than ever.

She quoted that she was always “Thin” and regretted not having a fuller figure, but pregnancy made her rejoice though temporarily.

Being an actress, it is extremely important to have a perfect figure and gorgeous looks.

Katie Holmes Weight Loss Diet

Born with both, Katie Holmes did find it tough in losing the body weight after her daughter’s birth “Suri”.

It was just that paparazzi clicked her pictures, a week overdue with her first baby, Katie was puffy to the size of the small house.

In just 5 months after her daughter’s birth, she has been back in her size 6.

So how did she manage to get back in just a short span of time?

If this shapely actress mom has made you feel insecure while looking into the mirror, don’t lose your heart.

Here, Katie Holmes will show you how efficiently you can lose weight in a short time.

Never Go Under The Knife

Katie Holmes was very firm in her decision not to go under the knife to lose the body fat.

She believed that pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that happens to a woman’s body hence one should lose weight naturally.

The surgery might be an easy option, but not the safer one

Katie Holmes Diet

The foremost thing the new moms need to know is breastfeeding is extremely helpful to lose weight after pregnancy.

Her husband Tom Cruise and her personal trainer were always helping her on how to get back in shape quickly.

Since you are almost 80-90 pounds during your pregnancy, it is not that easy how you think to lose weight.

Plus your body isn’t accommodating with the workouts and diet you put through.

Lots of patience and determination are required, said Katie Holmes. The diet that Katie followed comprised of high nutritional values.

She ate lots of proteins and green veggies throughout.

Katie revealed that it was a very strict diet regime since there was no single food item that had fat in it- not even milk.

She says that initially, her body had a hard timing in coping up with the diet, but eventually, it accepted the change and resulted in a gorgeous figure.

So, if you want to have a figure like Katie Holmes, you need to work hard on it. Unless you are not determined it is not going to give you results.

Katie’s Workouts

Katie Holmes’s workouts were as stricter as her diet regime. She opted for various workout forms such as kickboxing, dance, and Cardio.

She says that it helped her body to have something new to work out because she believed that doing routine exercises every day your body gets used to it and after a particular time you stop losing weight.

In addition to this, Katie Holmes made a comment to never compete when it is about losing weight.

Everybody reacts differently some early, some late hence it is important to keep the pace and determination to achieve the finer results.

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