Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink Effective for Weight Loss

Nowadays lemon and cayenne pepper are getting highly popular for detox, cleansing and weight loss. Lemon cayenne pepper drink recipes are regularly appearing in the advertisements and newspapers due to its benefits in reducing the weight.

So why not know some more about it in detail and how it helps? If you haven’t tried this recipe, try this out and I guarantee that you will be amazed with the results you get.

The usage of cayenne pepper and lemon for weight loss was developed initially by Stanley Burroughs in the year 1941 in the form of Master Cleanser.

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink

Later its results and benefits were attracted by so many individuals (mainly the celebrities) and they started using this formula.

As the famous celebrities started using this lemon and cayenne pepper drink for their weight loss, the drink became much more famous among the world nations.

Is it true that the lemon and cayenne pepper detox drink works effectively and is having the potency to reduce the weight? Let us see in detail about this in the following paragraphs.

Beneficial Effects of Lemon in Weight Loss:

It is well known fact that lemon’s major property is its rich sour taste. The major component which gives the lemon this sour taste is the concentrated citric acid which is present in the fruit. It is also confirmed that this citric acid is the main constituent for weight loss too.

The citric acid when consumed helps in breaking down the food particles by mixing vigorously with the acids and digestive juices available in the digestive tract.  It is also proven that the concentrated lemon juice reduces the sugar absorption from the food which we consume.

Thus preventing the sugar absorption, in turn stimulates the protein and fat metabolism for the body’s energy which results in gradual weight reduction.

Some people also suggest eating the lemon peel along with its juice. The reason behind this being, lemon peel is rich in pectin.

The pectin is a gel forming substance which when mixed with the food particles and liquids turns into a gel like substance which reduces the sugar absorption and also helps in proper elimination of the waste matters from the gut. This in turn helps in reducing the weight readily.

As we also know that the lemon is the richest source of calcium and thus consuming more lemon juice will increase the calcium levels in the body leading to storage of calcium in the bones and fat cells.

Recent researches have proven with evident results that calcium increases the ability of fat cells to burn its fat during the metabolic phase. Thus lemon has various potential proofs in regard to weight reduction.

Beneficial Effects of Cayenne Pepper in Weight Loss

The cayenne pepper is also proven to have the potent chemical for reducing the body weight. The name of the popular and chemical present in cayenne pepper is capsaicin.

Capsaicin is an effective thermogenic chemical which speed up the body’s metabolic activity and also decreases the appetite.

Thus consuming it on regular basis helps in reducing the weight effectively. Apart from weight loss the cayenne pepper also provides several health benefits like blood flow enhancing, blood pressure regulation, reduced ulcers, etc.

When consuming the drink made of lemon and cayenne pepper the effects of both ingredients multiplies and the weight loss will be healthy and effective.

How much weight can you lose with cayenne pepper, will actually depend on the fact that how regular and dedicated you are in following the diet.

According to sources when consumed regularly this cayenne pepper weight loss drink helps to lose weight quiet fast than as compared to other methods of losing weight.

So why not try it out yourself in the form of master cleanse which works wonder on your body and you can easily lose weight in just few days naturally.

Detox Drink With Cayenne Pepper Recipe Is Most Popular

How To Prepare Your Drink At Home?

Making this lemon water and cayenne pepper drink is much easy and you can prepare it daily to consume for effective weight loss.

You need to put 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in the very warm or slightly hot water (about 4-5 ounces). Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it to the maximum. Mix the drink well and drink it!

As a precaution avoid drinking this cayenne pepper detox drink right after your exercises or aerobics workouts. Wait for at least half an hour before you consume this cayenne pepper drink.

This will allow your stomach to settle down for imbibing the drink completely. Not following this tip may result into severe stomach ache which may go unbearable for you.

As you see the recipe is quite simple and takes hardly few minutes, it can be tried out daily without any risk. Maple syrup is an extra ingredient which is quite effective and can be added for getting faster results.

Few people finding the taste of this lemon juice and cayenne pepper intolerable, try out honey in the recipe for making it taste good.

Frankly speaking, due to the health benefits of honey and its weight losing properties, this lemon honey cayenne pepper detox drink is also a good recipe which can be tried out for effective weight loss.

Also watch out this video to know about how to prepare your lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleanse drink.

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