Liquid Diet Plan for Weight Loss: It Is Healthy, But Is It Safe Too?

Usually, a liquid diet is a healthy diet without having any solid. Liquid diet foods are basically used for body cleansing purposes and are used for a short term basis.

This is a main part of the diet chart for every person who is looking for diet control for reducing their weight.

Researchers suggest that in order that overweight people keep a track of the number of calories consumed, they need to include both food and liquids in their diet.

This can be considered a healthy liquid diet plan.

Liquid Diet

Most liquid diet plan claims the detoxification but so far, researchers have been unable to gather any evidence.

It has also been found that some liquid diet weight loss plans work better during a longer period of time than others.

Therefore, what experts and nutritionists recommend us is to check with our doctor as to how appropriate is the liquid diet plan for our body.

And once the green signal is passed, do a thorough study of the diet with a registered dietitian so that we get enough calories and nutrients for our body.

And if our liquid diet includes commercial diets, make it a point to check if you receive 100% of all the recommended nutrients and vitamins; so that once you make the transition back to a solid food diet, you do not gain weight.

So before you jump into the guns read the labels and know really well as to what you are drinking.

What Are The Types of Liquid Diet Plan?

Liquid diet food is a type of diet that is often useful in weight loss. This diet is full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and very less amount of fat and provides daily 500-800 calories.

This is also necessary in the sense of eliminating toxins, resting the digestive system and of course for energy boost up purposes. If you are free from toxins, you will start feeling happy in your mind too.

During fasting when solid foods are not allowed to consume, liquid foods work amazingly.

When talking about types of liquid diet it has been seen that there could be two types of liquid diet. One is known as a clear liquid diet and another full liquid diet.

What is the Clear Liquid Diet Plan?

It is a diet that involves transparent liquid foods like clear fruit juices, vegetable broth, Popsicle, etc. It does not involve any carbonated soda as soda has a tendency to expand the gastrointestinal tract.

A clear liquid diet consists of clear liquids or food that is liquid at room temperature. Doctors usually prescribe this diet to patients having digestive problems.

This diet will make the gastrointestinal track clear for the procedure. The sole purpose of this diet is to keep you hydrated and provide vitamins and minerals for the energy requirements of the body. This diet will not provide for the nutritional needs of the body.

What is the Full Liquid Diet Plan?

This diet plan is also termed as ‘strained’ liquid diet plan simply because it involves the intake of more heavy liquids like milkshakes, ice cream, and fruit nectar with or without pulp, cream of wheat, honey, butter, coffee, and even clear carbonated drinks.

The diet is an intermediate between solid food and clear liquid food. This diet is considered mostly before medical tests and also before or after surgery.

Hence, a full liquid diet helps to keep the stomach and intestines with very little food.

A full liquid diet cannot be suggested for more than 5 days as liquid food alone cannot meet the protein and calorie needs.

While following a full liquid diet, extra vitamins and minerals may not suffice unless your doctor or the consulting nutritionist prescribes special supplements. It is advisable to take frequent small servings rather than opting for large intakes.

Who Should Take Liquid Diet?

Basically people who are having a serious obesity problem usually go for this type of healthy liquid diet to achieve weight loss successfully.

Patients with gastrointestinal problems or having surgery are also referred to like these types of liquid diet foods.

A liquid diet is also recommended for patients who are suffering from cancer, diabetes or other such health issues.

What Can You Eat On A Liquid Diet?

Here’s the list of the most common foods which can be included in a liquid diet.

Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice without pulp can be used for the liquid diet as the vegetable juice holds all the vitamins and minerals after the juicing process. So drinking it is the same as eating them cooked and will give all the nutrition.

Water: Arizona digestive health describes water as a hydration agent for the body and it can also give electrolytes and maintain energy when other food can’t meet the needs.

Broth: Broth can also be used in the liquid diet and it can be canned in a fat-free variety. The broth is flavorful than any other clear liquid food.

For How Long Should I Go For Liquid Diet?

As such liquid diet results are overwhelming and can be easily visible on your body parts if you follow it correctly. But apart from the benefits of this type of diet, it is also true that it has few side effects.

For a short time, it is good but for the long term, a liquid food diet may meet the insufficiency of nutrients that may cause the damage to kidney, liver, intestinal tract or may also cause problems such as hypoglycemia.

In some cases, the digestion power of solid foods could also be reduced by following the liquid diet for the long term.

The above said meal plan it is also important to know that these plans are often recommended on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Most of the dietitian recommends the consumption of liquid diet food for 30 days, 10 days or for a minimum of 3 days.

It is good to plan with a minimum of a 3-day liquid diet and then increase it to 10 days liquid diet and 30 days liquid diet month after month.

Is It Really Safe for Weight Loss?

It has been advised by experts that the low-calorie liquid diet for weight loss plan must be observed by people who have a BMI of more than 30 and that too not for more than 16 weeks.

One of the problems with liquid fasting diet plans is that with such low-calorie diets; varying from 400-800 calories per day, there may not be enough nutrients to sustain the body well enough resulting in fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, hair loss, dizziness, cold intolerance, etc.

Since this diet doesn’t provide you with enough fiber and roughage; it may result in many digestive disorders like constipation.

Even a lack of protein can lead to a loss in lean body mass.

The best liquid diet for weight loss is achieved through significant reduction in the number of calories gained.

Because of this, your body slows its metabolism down in order to conserve as much energy as possible.

But the downside is that once we revert back to the solid diet, we tend to gain all the lost weight due to an increase in calorie consumption.

Important Things to Bear in Mind Before Starting

1- Do discuss the liquid diet plan menu and recipes with your doctor even if it includes a meal or two per day.

2- Always go for drinks that offer around 200-300 calories per serving. Consuming a lot of calories either in the form of liquids or solids can help tolerate flare-ups like constipation, cramping, etc.

3- If you are someone who is lactose intolerant, then you may want to skip the milk and go for drinks that offer milk proteins but not lactose. You can also slowly revert back to yogurt to check tolerance.

4- Watch out for the sugar intake and make sure you take up liquid meals that derive calories from proteins and fats and not as much from sugar. Plain coconut water is a good substitute for sugar with lots of electrolytes and vitamins to offer.

5- Avoid artificial sweeteners and try more tasty yet delicious options like soups. Make a thorough study of your options and go for liquid diets that will provide you with more vitamins.

One tip that has to be borne in mind is to choose a healthy liquid protein diet that is not too low in calories but helps lose weight gradually.

Liquid diet meal plans that include a meal or two per day will not just result in healthier eating habits but also help shod off weight gain once we tend to shift to a solid diet.

Conclusion: However liquid diet detox plan is good for weight loss; it should be started after gaining thorough knowledge. You should start with this, if and only if you think you are in need.

And the most important part is to consult with your doctor before you start with it. If you are really passionate about it and have strong will power you can surely get the benefits it offers.

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