Does The Master Cleanse Help With Cellulite?

Today, about 85% of women suffer from excess cellulite problems in their body which are generally located in areas like thighs, stomachs, legs, and buttocks.

The main reason for its formation is not certain as it can be due to hormones or indecent lifestyle, genetics or due to poor diet.

Cellulite is found more commonly in women than in men.

If you notice the development of cellulite in your body, then it is an indication that you need to take proper steps to eliminate it as the situation may worsen after some time.


Below we discuss the few home remedies and tips to follow that can help get rid of the cellulite so that you can look attractive.

Also, we discuss the effectiveness of the master cleanse diet in getting rid of cellulite. But before we get into it in detail let us know more about what the cellulite is.

What is Cellulite?

The name itself seems like a medical state, but it’s nothing more than a normal fat settled under the skin.

It makes the skin appear rough and bumpy as it pushes against the connective tissues causing the skin to look wrinkled.

Cellulite is basically the moving fat cells, which are accumulated under the skin. It is easy to notice or recognize.

Well, Cellulite on certain parts of the body doesn’t mean you as obese, Even skinny people have it.

However, losing weight or dieting may reduce the cellulite making you look healthy and fit.

What Causes Cellulite?

Opposing to the belief, cellulite affects either thin or overweight women.

Girls with 14 years of age show signs of cellulite. It is because cellulite is a female issue and believe as the cause due to the high levels in the female hormone estrogen.

Additionally, most of the postnatal women or the females on birth control pills build up this cellulite as the body waste system can’t get free of the huge stream of the estrogen in the body.

If you follow a poor diet like toxic foods, poor circulation of blood or fluid retention gives a chance to the higher development of cellulite.

Well, it is observed that females who live a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of developing the cellulite which further hardens and causes wrinkles and dimpling of the skin.

10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

If you have cellulite, then no need to be ashamed as there is a cure for it to prevent or to diminish it. Many different methods are followed to slow down the formation of cellulite.

You can lower the problem through the right workout, diet and certain changes inhabit. Let us check out these easy ways in detail below…

1- Anti-cellulite Diet: A diet with lots of veggies, required spices, and fruits to maintain the weight of the body is considered the best and well-known way to keep the cellulite away.

Follow this miracle diet in your daily diet with fennel, ginger, onion, cinnamon, rosemary, lemons, cloves, and pepper.

2- Anti-cellulite massage: Anti-cellulite massage popular as Endermologie has cylindrical rollers and suction which affect the connective tissue of the skin, stimulating the lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

It triggers the body’s natural system, eliminating the fat in the cells, which helps to get rid of the cellulite in a countable session based upon the condition and severity of cellulite in the body.

3- Exercise and planned workout: Of course! Exercise maintains the body. In fact weight lifting, yoga and walking set your butt and leg muscles, making it a great choice to be in motion.

Therefore, rely on the exercises and workouts that successfully burn and shed cellulite in the body.

4- Herbal tea: Interestingly, herbal drinks and tea prove effective on the body system burning the excess fat and calories. Include herbal tea twice in a daily diet to get rid of cellulite.

5- Dry brushing: Different to hear but effective, this is the process that enhances the blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It prevents the accumulation of body toxins and cellulite.

Also, it helps to improve the blood circulation making the skin look fat-free and cellulite-free.

Before brushing your skin, ensure that the skin and brush are totally dry for getting better results.

Follow the procedure for 5 minutes and end with a shower to get rid of the dead skin cells and impurities. It is good to follow for 2-3 months till you witness the results.

6- Slimming bath salt: Well, bath salts are the rare salts with focus seaweed and Laminaria. It proves best for cellulite and slimming purposes making skin soft and amazing.

Have a bath using these salt twice in a week to feel lighter and better. The most interesting fact about this bath salt is, you can enjoy it in your bathtub in an aromatic environment.

7- Thermal slim treatment: By name, it may seem expensive but it is not. Rather it is a great solution in the form of body wraps so as to get rid of cellulite rapidly.

You can now get those ripples to disappear and lose several inches of the waist to feel light in the lower body. Just try it out and get fit in your old favorite clothing once again.

8- Change in lifestyle: The main thing to cut down is alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and junk food. A bad lifestyle leads to more cellulite.

Drink 8 glasses of water to flush out the toxins which if failed may lead to the formation of cellulite on the butts and thighs.

9- Juniper Oil: Juniper oil comes with strong detox properties as it lowers water retention. It means that it is effective enough for reducing the cellulite.

To achieve a cellulite less body, take 15 drops of juniper oil and mix with 1/4th cup of olive oil.

Rub the mixture on the cellulite area for ten minutes twice in a day for a month. Sure, it breaks the cellulite presenting changes in appearance.

10- Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper, popular for its health benefits proves effective to burn the fat.

It raises the body temperature, enhances the blood flow and recovers the metabolic activities.

Besides this, cayenne pepper also helps the body to eliminate the old and damaged skin cells and exchange them with strong and healthy cells.

Take a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of grated ginger, two teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder and lemon juice.

This is the best cellulite removal drink which you can have twice in a day for nearly 45 to 60 days.

Does Master Cleanse Help In Getting Rid of Cellulite?



Master cleanse detox diet in general, helps to detox and cleanse the body naturally.

Additionally, it definitely helps in getting rid of cellulite if taken as per the guidelines. The only condition while following this diet is that you have to refrain from the solid diet.

This lemonade diet substitutes all other meals for the day.

The master cleanses also results in increasing the energy levels in an individual, reducing the fatigue, suppressing the hormone levels, restoring the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin.

Lemonade and master cleanse diet is basically a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and pure water.

You can drink this mixture 6 to 12 servings a day instead of the normal food.

This is the secret of the master cleanser that makes you lose excess fat from the body. However, it is important to follow the master cleanse recipe for 10 days only

Staying on this diet for longer than 10 days can be dangerous and if you want to carry on you should talk to your dietitian before proceeding.

After completing 10 days successfully, your body feels great and relaxed. Undertaking a master cleanse diet is not a Herculean task.

However, it requires determination. If you stick on to the 10-day diet, then you will certainly reap amazing rewards.

Getting rid of cellulite, therefore, becomes easy when you take the help of a diet such as the master cleanse diet.

I undertook this great lemonade plan myself and had seen amazing results that are highly noticeable.

So why not try it yourself and see the difference in your physical appearance in just a few days.

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