Are There Any Master Cleanse Diet Dangers or Side Effects?

Like every other concept, master cleanses diet also has two sides.

We all know the benefits it offers including detoxification, purging unwanted fat deposits, improving the immune system and cleansing the body’s digestive system.

We also have many Hollywood celebrities endorsing the same.

But this article gives a glimpse of a different side to the story. Let’s check them out…

Is The Master Cleanse Really Dangerous?

master cleanse dangers

With increasing popularity, there are several controversial debates revolving around the master cleanser.

This is mainly due to many potential health risks that are emerging with the individuals who attempt this diet plan.

In some of the cases, it has been seen that while fasting the body gets depleted of its glucose and goes into a condition which is known as Ketosis.

In this condition, the body starts building ketone bodies which are used as fuel.

But as the lemonade master cleanse diet contain smaller amounts of glucose it helps in preventing ketosis.

When I was on day 7 of the master cleanse I felt just fine.

First I too thought, I would be starving or feeling tired. But, I feel really good and even more active and brisk. Even in the mornings when I woke up, I was not hungry.

How Safe Is Master Cleanse Detox System?

Is the master cleanse diet safe?” Does this question pop up in your mind every now and then?

Well, then you are not alone! There are lots of other people who are constantly thinking about whether to follow master cleanse system or not for detoxifying their body stems or for achieving the weight loss goals they dream of.

You all would be surprised to read that this cleansing program is more than 50 years old and is thus safe and reliable.

A large number of people have used the master cleanse system for losing weight and delighted with its outcome.

You would be glad to read that the master cleanse diet is undeniably safe for all ages but only when it is used for the right reason and done carefully.

Users of this diet enjoy an increased amount of energy and feel-good factor after completion of the master cleanse diet. This diet helps you to kick your cravings for cookies, French-fries, chocolates, pastries, chips that can make you overweight.

Above all, this diet also helps psychologically too by developing a sense of control over your emotional eating issues.

Potential Dangers and Side Effects of The Ingredients Present

The researches proved frequent use of lemon causes a tingling sensation in the nerves, loss of proper dentin formation in the teeth, forms crystals in the renal tubules, etc.

Maple syrup is nothing but the sugar liquid which when taken in an enormous amount without taking enough protein, minerals and vitamins will cause general muscle and bone weakness. It also increases the triglyceride level in the blood.

Furthermore, the regular intake of sugar demineralizes the bones and teeth.

There are also chances of mycotoxin influx as the sugar always has the potential to stimulate the fungal growth in the body.

Even though there are enough minerals available in the lemon juice and maple syrup, they are not sufficient for ten days which thus results in major mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Because of this, the person is highly prone to acquire fibrillation, valvular diseases, arrhythmias, heart muscle weakness, etc.

Some of the master cleanse symptoms/side effects also include fatigue, irritability, inability to focus and lack of awareness.

Some other master cleanse dangers are toxin buildup, laxative abuse, and metabolic acidosis.

What are The Major Side Effects of Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Juice and Maple Syrup Diet

Listed below are some of the deleterious master cleanse side effects, consequences or dangers you should know about. Please check them out in detail before you plan to try this diet.

  • Unlike, what people promise about this diet, which is having stress free mood once detoxified, health practitioners say the contrary. Stress, emotional imbalance and unhappiness due to starvation can be a result. It may sap your motivation and create bloating problems, gas, loose stools, etc. When the internal body system is not working fine, it will also not derive the happy hormones like serotonin, which will otherwise be obtained from healthy food.
  • Another drawback of following this diet is the dependence on laxatives for your digestive system. Laxative tea is a part of the master cleanse diet regimen which helps in bowel movement. But once you break this fast on a periodic basis, your body gets dependent on these laxatives for a bowel movement.
  • For those partakers who follow this diet on a regular basis, have high chances of developing metabolic acidosis. This is due to the presence of a high level of acid in your blood. Some of the master cleanse diet side effects are breathing difficulties and increased heart rate.
  • When you are deprived of necessary calories and going for a master cleanser diet, your body will understand by it that you are well starving. Normally when following such type of diet you should be under total rest (mainly the mental rest). But there is no such provision insisted in the master cleanse protocol. Thus, undergoing the master cleanser diet without taking proper rest is really a dangerous convention which may cause nervous weakness gradually.
  • Dehydration is also a commonly mentioned dangers or side effects of master cleanse due to the lack of water intake in this diet.
  • Electrolyte imbalance is another side effect shown by this diet. A good and healthy electrolyte balance is necessary for the proper functioning of the heart, brain, muscles, etc. An imbalance can lead to nerve functioning, problems of liver or kidney and even heart diseases.
  • Weight gain after the diet is also one of the major side effects seen with this diet. Often people see that their lost weight piles up back quickly, post-diet. And this is not at all a favorable thing for those who are undergoing this diet.

Considering all these side effects, it is not good to stay on the lemonade diet for more than 10 days.

So, Whether This Diet Is A Healthy Diet OR Not?

A number of people are skeptic about master cleanse detox program as they think that this program hampers their weight loss regime and causes irregularities in their health conditions.

Well, this notion is totally false. The cleansing beverage which is the

main basis of this diet is prepared by using lemons, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper only. So there is nothing to be worried about.

As the ingredients in the master cleanser are harmless, healthy and all-natural products it is totally safe as long as you follow all the conditions.

The diet is filled with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and thus it will surely prove to be beneficial for your body if you try out the way it should be.

Water and lemon is the main ingredient that keeps your body well hydrated. During the diet, you are primarily consuming a large amount of water which is good for all.

The master cleanser helps the body to restart its natural cycles by lowering the body’s dependency on things such as fats, proteins, preservatives, etc.

Thus, the master cleanse detox diet provide the body’s daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

This is in no way an Unhealthy diet if consumed rightly by following all the required instructions.

My Personal Experiences and Symptoms I Noticed

When I went through master cleanse detox diet, I too experienced certain unpleasant side effects.

I was so much irritated and restless that I was thinking of quitting the program itself.

However, after interacting with others online and motivation got from the positive experiences from them, I got to know that these were the signs of detoxification and were common.

As I was too passionate about losing my extra weight, I kept myself motivated in a number of ways. And this helped me a lot in achieving the results.

I had also experienced occasional headaches because of the withdrawal of caffeine.

But from third day onwards, I got accustomed to those master cleanse detox symptoms and went through 10 days cleanse program successfully.

Presently I feel very light as my body has lost all the toxins.

Although I haven’t lost much weight in the process (as I expected) but the results I got were superb and are at least visible which made me look more confident and beautiful.

After going through the various master cleanse symptoms and knowing about it in detail, all I can say is that the choice is in your hands.

I would suggest you try it out once and see the positive results you may be getting.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

A common mistake that should be avoided after the following master cleanse is taking fast food immediately.

Going from fasting to fast food is very dangerous and makes sure to avoid such two extremes. Instead, ensure to take a healthy diet.

After finishing master cleanse, go for a healthy, balanced diet that provides your body the proper nourishment it needs.

Consulting your nutritionist can help a lot when you are planning to undergo this diet.

Your body too has its limits, so care for it and make it beautiful without harming it aggressively!

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