10 Day Master Cleanse Diet Review: Plan and Secrets You Should Know for Getting Great Results

Have you ever heard of a 10 days Master cleanse diet plan that works best for weight loss?

If you have and wonder whether it is a scam or real, let me tell you that it really works. I personally tried it and had got wonderful results after following this 10-day diet plan.

You may have read mixed reviews about the 10-day master cleanse recipe system and are wondering whether it will suit you or not. I too was in such a dilemma before I tried it out personally.

And once I stumbled upon the 10-day master cleanse secret reviews that gave me a clear idea about this wondrous plan, I cannot wait to start with it.

You will not believe that the results I got are truly wondrous!

Although I haven’t got the real results which the system claimed.

But it was interesting to note that at least it worked for me and was not just like various other weight loss systems which had never shown me any single result.

Master Cleanse 10-days Organic Kit is an awesome package for a person who wants to try and buy a 10-day master cleanse diet.

This pack includes all the ingredients that are needed for at least 10 days.

More importantly, this pack also includes Maple Valley’s organic Grade B maple syrup, which is most of the time hard to find.

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Three Phases of Master Cleanse: Feel the Difference Yourself

In order to get good results with detox diet master cleanse, you need to focus on certain aspects.

I have put together my experiences into three phases i.e. Before, During and After using the master cleanse detox recipe.

These are also called as Three Phases of Master Cleanse or Master Cleanse Detox Stages.

The Three Phases of Master Cleanse

Even though the detox diet master cleanse is for 10 days, you need to prepare your body for the master cleanse drink diet plan well in advance.

So, before you begin with your detox diet master cleanse, you have to ease in.

First phase or stage involves 3 days of ease in the period:

  • From the first day, you need to remove processed food from your diet
  • On the second day go for a liquid diet like juices, soups, and broths
  • The third day simply drink orange juice and plain water

Although you can skip this phase, it is vital to prepare you mentally and physically to undertake the master cleanse successfully.

This phase helped me to accustom to the lemonade diet straight away.

The second phase is the main lemonade diet:

  • In this phase Follow the detox diet master cleanse plan. You can drink lemonade diet 6 to 12 glasses a day.
  • The master cleanse drink is made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.
  • Saltwater flush is vital to flush out toxins.  You have to stick to the lemonade diet alone and should refrain from any solid diet. You will need to undertake this for 10 days.

Even though, with this 10-day lemonade diet, the detox diet master cleanse gets completed; it is essential to go for an ease-out period.

It is basically reverse to the ease in part.

After the detox diet there is the third phase of ease-out:

  • The first day drink orange juice and plain water
  • Next day consume juices, soups
  • Then the third day start eating fruits and vegetables

This is the right way of undertaking a detox diet which can be understood in three phases or stages of the master cleanse program.

In all, you will find a new strength to control your desire to stuff yourself with food.

Frankly speaking, this is not a very easy diet to stick to and requires determination to stick to it for 10 long days.

But when after the cleansing is done, the improvement will be seen and you will never feel to go back to the junk foods again.

Eating after Master Cleanse and Days Just after Cleansing

The cleansing is done and after you had been with the diet for 10 days, you need to prepare your body to get back to the normal condition.

The usual thing to do for day 1 and day 2 after cleanse is to take a few glasses of orange juice and this will be for most of the part in day 1.

The juice will make the digestive tract to get back to the state where it will help digest solid food.

Drink the orange juice slowly and enjoy the freshness. Do not think of eating after the master cleanse on these days.

In the afternoon you can prepare some fresh soup for yourself and go with it for 2 days while no solid food is prescribed.

The days 3 and 4 will be a little different than the first 2 days. You can start with orange juice but in the afternoon you can start eating after the master cleanse for the first time.

Start with fresh fruits and vegetables. No bread, tea or coffee is allowed.

You must also not go for meat, eggs or fish and pastries as these are also a No-No.

The next day will be a regular breakfasting day with fruits and vegetables, seeds, berries, etc.

If you feel any discomfort you need to go back to the diet of days 2 and 3 and then slowly again come to 5 days.

This is a period to retrain the body to the new eating habits. This encourages you to start eating healthier and avoid junk completely.

Follow The 10 Day Master Cleanse Instructions Carefully To Get Great Results!

10 day Master cleanse weight loss cum detox plan helps you to lose weight along with detoxifying your body in just 10 days.

In this 10 days diet plan, you only drink the lemonade that is prepared by the given recipe.

Since you are consuming lemonade during this period, it is sometimes also called the lemonade diet.

The main concern for we ladies is that we need to see the results before we can believe anything! And the same thing applies to me as well.

But it is glad to reveal that you will be able to notice the partial results visibly as the toxins are being flushed from your body and automatically your belly comes down in size.

However, you always have to follow the strict diet plan and go through all the 10-day master cleanse instructions carefully, so that you can expect to see the visible results.

In addition to losing weight, master cleanse 10-day diet offers many other benefits too.

With this great 10-day master cleanse diet plan, you not only lose the unwanted fat but also the wastes that have been stored up inside your body in the form of toxins.

It also increases your metabolism and makes you active.

You’ll get a renewed energetic feeling when you try and complete this diet system.

Do Not Get Demotivated: Follow The Instructions Carefully

Of course, you will sometimes feel tired and fatigue while following this plan.

But the results you will be getting at the end will never make you deviate from the path you are following.

10 day Master cleanse secret reviews provide you further help with practical tips and methods to be followed.

Staying on a fasting plan like this for an enhanced period of time can be very dangerous if you do not follow the instructions carefully.

Thus, as per the 10 days, Master cleanse reviews this diet should be done for complete 10 days no matter how much you feel demotivated.

Discipline and self-control are the essential qualities to get good results.

If you want to shed your excess fat along with looking younger and energetic, master cleanse is the right choice.

Note and caution

Although this diet plan is recommended for every person who is likely in need to lose weight, this is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing women or children.

Also, this system should not be tried by patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery.

Hence it is important that you consult your doctor before the start, especially if you are under any sort of medication.

My personal recommendation

I highly recommend following the master cleanse secrets 10-day diet plan as it is a wonderful plan.

I’ve used the master cleanse plan myself and got loving results.

I actually lost my excess pounds after 10 day period and I am glad to recommend this to my well-wishers who actually are in need to lose weight and had tried out all the methods that do not actually work.

Master Cleanse 10 day results may vary for people depending on their present weight and body type.

But it is seen that on average the weight loss will be between 8 to 12 pounds which is certainly drastic weight loss in just 10 days, right?

So why not try this 10 day master cleanse diet now.

I assure you that you will never have to worry about the increasing body weight ever again!

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