My Favorite 3 Ways to Undergoing Orange Juice Diet

We all want to look good, slim and gorgeous with glowing skin! But have failed in achieving the results we dream of!

Orange juice diet can make that happen for you, read on to know how…

You have tried and tested all sorts of things to go slim, but so far not achieved that great results, you desire for.

Gyms and diets are good but work only if you are regular with it.

And at some point in time, you need to change this so that your body doesn’t get used to it.

Orange Juice Diet

Ever tried burning fat naturally with orange juice? You might have heard about it but you haven’t tried oranges. Bingo!!

It makes sense, much clinical research has shown that citrus fruits play a vital role in making you slim.

Whether you prefer eating oranges or like drinking juice of it, it helps you a lot in burning your fat and acts as a natural fat burner that is available easily in your kitchen.

If you like eating oranges in any form this is the best way to trim down your waistline.

How Many Calories in Orange Juice?

Have you recently gained a huge amount of body weight and are worried about how to get rid of it?

Then this is the right time that you should opt for the orange juice diet for weight loss.

This is considered to be a perfect detox diet where you will have to replace the normal meal with the orange juice.

This is because of the fact that the main idea is to remove the solid foods from your diet and to replace it with fruits and vegetable juices that will help to get rid of excess weight.

In this case, nothing can be better than orange as it is a citrus fruit and citrus helps to reduce body weight quickly.

The majority of the medical research shows that there is no proven ingredient as a “Fat Burner”.

A medium-size orange is said to have only sixty calories and that in the form of fibers.

Being low in calorie this acts as an effective fat burning diet.

Oranges are further rich in anti-oxidant fruit and have the highest value of Vitamin C and thus provides you healthy weight loss.

3 Ways to Undergoing Orange Juice Diet

You may need orange juice in your diet as you want to get rid of the unwanted toxins from your body.

It is true that generally the toxins are removed from your body through the bile and urine.

When you are drinking watered-down orange juice then you will have a drop weight quickly due to the less calorie intake but, just after that when you are having solid food that will again increase your weight.

You can discover slimming down yourself eating oranges and apart from this there are lots of other benefits such as good skin, healthy blood circulations, manufactures collagen, no digestion problem, high on immunity, good hair and much more.

Oranges also help you in regulating your blood pressure and keep you hydrated all day.

The fruit is great to eat raw, this way you will not only gain a gorgeous looking slim figure but will also stay away from many diseases.

1- Eat Oranges For Desserts & Snacks

Orange is a low-calorie fruit hence no matter how much you eat, there is no worrying about putting up the calories.

So, at breakfast just try to have orange juice and no solid food just immediately after that.

The fruit is a good substitute compared to other fruit and snack food items.

If you have a sweet tooth and requires eating sugary at the end of every meal, you can binge on oranges that will help you to satisfy your sweet tooth problem.

Oranges, so far have proved to be very helpful in fat burning. And you may choose among so many varieties of oranges available in the market to avoid any boredom of eating the same fruit every day.

Though, along with consuming oranges you need to be careful about your other dietary habits.

The workout is necessary and can be accompanied to obtain optimum results fast.

2- Try My Favorite 3 Days Juice Fasting

No matter how tempting it looks to jump to this diet it is important to see its effects and how an individual will respond to it.

Some particular food items like caffeine, dairy, alcohol, meat and other such are phased out to reduce the cravings and other relevant symptoms.

Apart from juice, it is important to consume raw vegetables during the pre-fast this way it prepares you for your detox diet.

While on juice fasting, it is recommended to have at least 33 to 98 ounces of orange juice with half of the time being entirely green veggie-based.

Green veggies are a rich source of Chlorophyll that is said to help heal and clean the whole digestive tract.

Care that you do not make juice in cold/chilled water; rather warm water is preferred.

Vegetables and fruits that you should include are celery, cabbage, beet, spinach, carrot, orange, watermelon, bananas, avocado, pear, etc.

Initially, you may feel that hunger pangs are uncontrollable. For this smaller amount of calorie less snack or veggie can be consumed.

3- Pick Real Orange Juice Instead of Canned Juices

Choose orange juice over other juices because the fruit is rich in dietary fiber and is the best natural fat burner.

Fiber helps in satisfying the appetite and keeps your hunger at bay for a longer time.

If you are opting for a watered-down orange juice, make sure that you are drinking the real that is the original orange juice and not the canned one since they come added with sugar syrup that doesn’t help. In fact, these just go on summing up the calories.

Also it is important to note that you make the fresh orange juice in your kitchen each time you want to consume.

Using stored orange juice or using canned orange juices are not at all healthy and should be strictly avoided.

Preparing homemade orange juice is not at all a tough job and can be done within a few minutes using a good citrus juicer at your home.

If you want you can also make use of an electric juicer over manual one which saves time and energy.

Things to Care When Taking Orange Juice Diet

When you are undergoing an orange juice diet for weight loss then it is very important that you should know how it helps with your body.

It is said that if you drink too much orange juice then it may obstruct your process of weight loss. This is mainly because of the fact that it contains sugar that will hinder the process.

So, always try to have it once in the early morning and that will be enough for you to help you reduce the excess weight from your body.

One thing that you have to keep in mind about the orange juice diet is that this is not something that will act as a magic bullet and will reduce your weight instantly and permanently.

This takes time and you have to be patient enough.

There are many dietitians who say that orange juice contains high proteins and other nutrients and hence, it should be considered mainly as a healthy diet.

It is always recommended to have a healthy diet too along with the orange juice. Do not only depend on the fruit juice to get rid of excess body weight.

In all your stored toxins are released during this excellent juice fasting, through which you just lose weight and get a flat tummy.

Thus you should try this out regularly to achieve the body shape you dream of.

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