Three Phases of Master Cleanse: Feel the Difference Yourself

The Master Cleanse diet or Lemonade diet created by Stanley Burroughs over 50 years ago is one of the renowned detox diets in the world.

The main aim of master cleanse is to clean colon, other benefits of detox diet master cleanse include weight loss, increased energy level and enhanced metabolism.

The elimination of build up toxins and wastes from the body make it to lose weight drastically and you can experience visible physical changes in just 10 days. In order to get good results with detox diet master cleanse, you need to focus on certain aspects.

I have put together my experiences into three phases i.e. Before, During and After using master cleanse detox recipe. These are also called as Three Phases of Master Cleanse or Master Cleanse Detox Stages.

Three Phases of Master Cleanse

Even though, detox diet master cleanse is for 10 days, you need to prepare your body for master cleanse drink diet plan well in advance.

So, before you begin with your detox diet master cleanse, you have to ease in.

First phase or stage involves 3 days of ease in period:

  • From the first day you need to remove processed food from your diet.
  • Second day go for liquid diet like juices, soups and broths.
  • Third day simply drink orange juice and plain water.

Although, you can skip this phase, it is vital to prepare you mentally and physically to undertake the master cleanse successfully. This phase helped me to accustom to the lemonade diet straight away.

Second phase is the main lemonade diet:

  • In this phase Follow detox diet master cleanse plan. You can drink lemonade diet 6 to 12 glasses a day.
  • The master cleanse drink is made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.
  • Salt water flush is vital to flush out toxins.  You have to stick to lemonade diet alone and should refrain from any solid diet. You will need to undertake this for 10 days.

Even though, with this 10 day lemonade diet, detox diet master cleanse gets completed; it is essential to go for an ease out period. It is basically reverse to the ease in part.

After detox diet there is third phase of ease out:

  • First day drink orange juice and plain water
  • Next day consume juices, soups
  • Then third day start eating fruits and vegetables

This is the right way of undertaking detox diet which can be understood in three phases or stages of master cleanse program. In all, you will find a new strength to control your desire to stuff yourself with food.

Frankly speaking this is not very easy diet to stick to and requires determination to stick to it for 10 long days. But when after the cleansing is done, the improvement will be seen and you will never feel to go back to the junk foods again.

Eating after master cleanse and days just after cleansing

The cleansing is done and after you had been with the diet for 10 days, you need to prepare your body to get back to the normal condition.

The usual thing to do for the day 1 and day 2 after cleanse is to take a few glasses of orange juice and this will be for most of the part in day 1. The juice will make the digestive tract to get back to the state where it will help digest solid food.

Drink the orange juice slowly and enjoy the freshness. Do not think of eating after the master cleanse on these days. In the afternoon you can prepare some fresh soup for yourself and go with it for 2 days while no solid food is prescribed.

The days 3 and 4 will be a little different than the first 2 days. You can start with orange juice but in the afternoon you can start eating after the master cleanse for the first time.

Start with fresh fruits and vegetables. No bread, tea or coffee is allowed. You must also not go for meat, eggs or fish and pastries as these are also a No No.

The next day will be a regular breakfasting day with fruits and vegetables, seeds, berries etc. If you feel any discomfort you need to go back to the diet of day 2 and 3 and then slowly again come to day 5.

This is a period to retrain the body to the new eating habits. This encourages you to start eating healthier and avoid junk completely.

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