Water Fast Vs Master Cleanse: What Is The Difference And Which One Help Better?

We all know that our body needs right quantity of water for optimum functioning of the system. This is because our body is made up of 60% of water.

Less intake of water in our regular diet can actually lead to less cleansing of body system. This can lead to building up of toxins and other harmful chemicals inside the body and ultimately causing development of bacteria and parasites.

However with right quantity of water daily and trying occasional water fast can help you cleanse your body in an effective way.

In case if you feel any problem with water fast alone, water can be used in combination with various fruits and vegetables for detoxification.

What Is Water Fast?

Water fasting is basically a fasting type which include only the consumption of water.

During this fasting, you are not allowed to consume any solid food or even the nutritious liquids like milk and fruit juice. You can only take pure mineral water during this time.

Water fast can be done for various reasons including the health benefits (detoxification and cleansing). However it should be noted that such fasting if done improperly and for prolonged period of time without any medical advice can prove dangerous for your health.

How to Do and Get Prepared for It?

Water fasts for short time like 1-3 days is not a tough task to accomplish. Those who have prior experience with one day fasts even find it much easier. It is therefore better to start with a 1 day fast if you have never tried water fasting before.

Getting this experience will help you get more confidence in completing your water fast for three days or even more. And as a result you can get better benefits out of it.

Before you start with fasting, it is important that you set up your mind and prepare it for the food cravings you will be experiencing during the time.

You may need to get in contact with an expert or read online blogs to know the basics about the fasting, its benefits and possible side effects. If possible also read the online reviews given by people who have previously tried out this fasting.

Knowing this all will boost up your confidence level and you can do the water fasting for 72 hours much easier.

As mentioned above, water fast allows only the consumption of pure mineral water. If you want, you can also use boiled water (after cooling) as an alternate.

Slight warm water is also considered good for your body as it helps in cleansing your body better. 1-5 liters of plain water can be taken in a day, as per your convenience and capability.

Breaking the 3 day fast is equally important for you. As you are on only water diet for these days you need to start slowly with consuming the solid food.

Best is to start with taking lemon juice or orange juice on the first day after breaking your fast. Adding honey to it is recommended if you feel too much hungry. This will add some calories to your diet.

Vegetable soup, coconut water, fruits, boiled vegetables, eggs, etc can be taken on second and third day after breaking the water fast. After this you can continue on your normal diet from fourth or fifth day.

How Long Can It Be Done?

As such there is no hard and fast rule about the consumption and time period for water fast. Beginners who are not much habitual of fasting can try it for about 1-3 days.

Whereas if you are well-versed with the fasting rules and implementations, you can even try it for about a week. Going beyond that can prove risky without prior consultation with your medical expert.

Benefits Offered

Occasional water fast for about 3 days can offer you various health benefits. Some of these include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Better immunity
  • Weight management
  • Aids cleansing and removal of toxins
  • Better control over cravings

Possible Side Effects

While accomplishing water fasting, you need to be aware of few possible side effects. You need to be prepared for them as few of these reactions are common.

  • Weakness in body
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headaches

Overall you need not worry much about the side effects as these are occasional and can be overcome easily with proper rest. If you are in a state where you cannot cope up with your hunger pangs you can drink 1-2 glass of extra water.

In most intense case you can consult your doctor or dietitian. And in unbearable conditions you can quit the fasting.

Master Cleanse Vs Water Fast

People sometimes confuse water fast with lemonade diet. But these are two different cleansing methods and should be tried out after getting complete information.

Water fast or cleansing (with water alone) is usually recommended for about 3-5 days. On the other hand lemonade or master cleanse diet should be done for 10 days. Frankly speaking lemonade diet is not a true fast as it allows the consumption of maple syrup for getting enough calories during the diet regimen.

Additionally, water fast for 5 days (or above) can be extremely difficult to complete and thus it is recommended to try master cleanse diet in case if you are a complete novice to fasting. You will find this relatively easier when you are just starting with your journey towards healthy lifestyle.

Trying out lemonade diet can help you in getting used to not eating solid food during the fast. Thus you can expect to get some great cleansing of your liver and digestive system along with a self-discipline and confidence.

No matter what you try, it is better to gain self-discipline and dedication as you need to be serious about it. You should keep in mind about your health and safety prior to starting the fast.

Also you need to understand that although water cleansing and master cleansing are good to go, these are not a magic formulas that can help you get desired results instantly. Proper exercises along with positive mind-set is a key to gaining health and for getting positive results you are seeking for.

How Water Fast After Master Cleanse Help?

People who are bit reluctant to try out water fast directly find this process easier. It was the time when I too planned about going for a water fast. But when I read more about it online I found that it was not an easy process for me as I have not tried it ever before.

Thus, to ease into the water fast I tried lemonade master cleanse diet for 10 days which was lot easier. As lemonade diet consist of freshly squeezed lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup in pure water, it helped me in getting the calories and energy for the day.

At night I added a herbal laxative tea in my diet which makes the whole process easier for me to accomplish.

Based on above reasons and working principles experts do not recommend trying water fast before master cleanse. You can surely try it after the lemonade diet cleansing to make yourself healthy and happy.

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