Probiotics After Master Cleanse: Does It Help?

Many people tend to believe that bacteria as something that causes diseases. But on closer analysis, it is a proven fact that bacteria can be classified into two kinds such as good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Such kind of good bacteria is termed as probiotics and it works towards keeping you healthy.

What are Probiotics?

Live bacteria, microorganisms and yeasts present in our body and are actually good for our health are defined as Probiotics.

These are especially good for the digestive system and helps in keeping us healthy.


It is a fact that every human being carries the presence of good bacteria in their own body and in many cases food supplements such as yogurt helps in the supply of probiotics into the human body.

What are The Basic Types?

Before going ahead with the benefits of probiotics, let us also have a closer look on the kinds of probiotics.

Many kinds of bacteria are classified as probiotics and usually fall under any of the following types:

Lactobacillus: The most common kind of probiotics usually found in fermented products.

They help in treating people affected by diarrhea and leave them healthy.

Bifidobacterium: These kinds of probiotics bacteria are usually found in dairy products and functions effectively in reducing the syndromes of bowel disorders.

The role of these probiotics in a human body is a long term researched topic.

However, many researchers have fallen to the following conclusion:

  • Probiotics help in replacing bad bacteria with that of good ones
  • It keeps a healthy balance between good and bacteria in the body
  • And it helps in the production of good bacteria in case you lose them


What are Its Benefits?

Over the years, researchers have made the fact clear that most bacteria especially those that fall under the probiotics category provide human beings with health benefits.

Some of the probiotics benefits offered for you are as follows:

1- Helps in weight loss:

As probiotics are known to contain all the natural and helpful nutrients for the body it is effectively helpful in weight loss.

Researches showed that consuming probiotics rich food enhances the weight loss in your body by making your intestinal walls less permeable.

Probiotics rich foods are therefore recommended for people who want to slim down naturally without any side effects.

2- Effectively reduce blood pressure:

If the sedentary lifestyle is leaving your body idle without any workout then look no further!

Just reach out to your fridge and consume dairy or meat products so that you can increase the number of probiotics in your body to get healthier you.

Recent researches have confirmed the fact that probiotics can reduce blood pressure by 9 percent.

3- Healthy teeth:

Yes, you heard it right. Probiotics bacteria hold the capability to kill bad bacteria that might function towards teeth decay.

You get relieved from tooth decay and bleeding gums through the effective consumption of probiotics.

4- Reduce skin irritations:

Eczema is a syndrome that might leave you with itchy and dry skin. They are usually found in mothers who are nearing their delivery stage.

In such cases, mothers are fed with probiotics rich food products so as to ensure that their baby in the womb does not get infected with the same.

5- Treat respiratory problems effectively:

Probiotics help in treating respiratory issues effectively.

Dairy products that are rich with probiotics have been proven to provide greater health benefits to people than that of other dairy products.

6- Instant relief from constipation:

Consuming products that are rich in probiotics can help you with providing instant relief to problems associated with constipation or bloating.

A spoon of yogurt twice a day can help you get relieved from irritable bowel syndrome in the long run.

7- The ideal partner to ladies:

Ladies, who are on pills, are more prone to developing bacterial syndromes.

Probiotics help in controlling the growth of harmful microorganisms in ladies thus protecting their body against bacterial attack.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics

When and How to Take Probiotics?

Probiotics are referred to as “Friendly Bacteria” and are essential to everyone and added to daily regime.

Does this mean to take probiotics on an empty stomach?

Not at all, it means to follow safe methods to make sure that the probiotics are safe from any decline in effectiveness due to stomach acid.

In that regard, it is recommended to go with the supplement during or after the meals for its best action.

Well, food is essential to munch through before taking probiotics.

If taken empty stomach it will begin to move forward and harm different colonies of the beneficial bacteria and causes upset in the stomach, diarrhea and irregular movement in bowel?

It is therefore recommended to take Probiotics with breakfast or alongside with meals to get its best benefits.

To the point, its journey through the digestive track is treacherous and the probiotics hold the biggest danger in the form of powerful acids that break down and crumble the materials that move through the long passage.

Consume with breakfast or with meals to get the best of its effects on the body and achieve good survival rate through the gastric acidity of the body.

How to Take Probiotics?

Once you have got the advice to repair your guts issue with the right probiotics, and then follow the process during every intake.

  • Morning or night with food and plenty of water.
  • Should be taken during the bedtime after the meals at this time, the digestive system carried little activity.
  • PH levels are relatively low during this time in the stomach, holding a higher chance of getting attached to the intestinal walls and succeeding in action.

What Are The Known Side Effects?

People who want to consume probiotics often doubt about how safe these probiotics are.

However, studies showed that probiotics are often safe and show no serious side effects.

In few cases, if the probiotics side effects are seen these are only mild and are related to gas or bloating.

In very few other cases where some serious side effects of probiotics are seen in the form of infections, it has been treated successfully with the help of antibiotics.

Can You Take Probiotics When on MC Diet?

When I was on the MC diet I first thought about it. But sources reveal that taking probiotics when on master cleanse diet can interfere with the results and benefits you actually get with master cleanse diet.

So it is not recommended at all to take probiotics when on master cleanse.

The MC diet is as such as carefully and well-researched diet and you need to be very much careful about the things you consume with this balanced recipe.

It is best to keep a check on the master cleanse book you get when you buy master cleanse.

Follow all the advice that is given there and do not try to make any alterations as the slightest of them can hinder your success.

Benefits of Probiotics After Master Cleanse

Although it is not recommended to take probiotics during the master cleanse, probiotics after master cleanse are proved highly useful.

Most of the dietitian who recommends MC diet advice to take the probiotics after breaking the cleanse process.

Consuming probiotics in food and also in the form of supplements can help in replacing the good bacteria that were actually removed during the colon cleansing process.

The good bacteria thus produced helps in keeping the gut balance.

Taking probiotics after master cleanses also helps the body by producing Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, and K.

Thus, now you might be well aware of the benefits probiotics or good bacteria have got to offer you.

Make it a point to consume any product rich in probiotics on a daily basis so as to gain better health benefits.

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