What Is Enema Colon Cleansing and How It Benefits?

Healthy and disease-free life is a dream for almost all of us. The first main thing needed for this healthy life is to keep our digestive system healthy. This is because it is a channel through which the body gets its nutrients. To keep digestive system healthy is very easy to hear for all of us; but to be true, it is difficult to follow.

It is known that when the intestines are not properly cleansed out, it becomes very difficult for them to absorb any new nutrients that are coming in. It is therefore essential that for absorbing the newer minerals the intestinal cells must be active and be cleaned. And also the blockage of intestines should be avoided.

Enema Colon Cleanse

Enema colon cleansing is a method which proves very beneficial in this respect. It is many times used to cleanse the intestines in a much efficient way.

Before knowing more about enema colon cleansing, let us know in short about what is enema and what are its various types…

Enema is defined as a procedure where a liquid or a gas is introduced into the lower bowel area through rectum. The procedure is basically performed to relieve the constipation condition or to perform bowel cleansing before a specific medical examination is conducted.

What Are the Common Types of Enemas?

There are many types of enema. Some may classify it based on the temperature of water used. Clinicians also classify it based on the ingredients used to derive certain benefits.

Based on the temperature, enemas can be classified into 4 main types. They are basically cold, hot, warm and graduated enema.

All these have different effects on the individual. Cold enema is very helpful in the case of diarrhoea, dysentery etc. Hot enema can be given in conditions of Pain in abdominal area, severe constipation, gas trouble etc.

Warm water enema is found to be beneficial in the cases of constipation, general rejuvenation, constipation in kids etc. The graduated enema is one in which the water temperature is slowly decreased from hot to cold. This is very beneficial for patients who have intestinal inflammations and it also helps to improve the general health of the intestines.

Based on the ingredients used the enema can be classified into saline water enema, Neem water enema, mineral oil enema, Barium enema and soap water enema.

Generally saline water enema is given to people for general health improvement. Soap water enema is given in allopath hospitals before any surgical procedures. Mineral oil enema is given for patients with severe constipation.

Barium enema is generally used by the gastroenterologists for any diagnostic methods. Neem water enema is very beneficial for the skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis etc.

Sometimes the combination of types of enemas are widely used to get much more beneficial effects.

How Enema Helps In Colon Cleansing?

Enemas are better known for cleansing the colon. It helps to detoxify the body and keep the cells of intestine active.

When the elimination from the body is not proper Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) will get infected which may lead to improper digestion and absorption of food substances, impure circulation in body, improper secretions of body, nervous irritability due to improper commands from the brain, etc.

In conditions like constipation, the waste is not let out easily and there is the stagnation of the substances that come in. So at the end there is just over loading of food substances which get fermented and causes great damage to our system over time. We become sluggish, tired and develop many other disorders slowly.

Enema offers numerous benefits to the patients. It helps to get rid of constipation, gastritis, fatigue, infections in intestines, headaches due to improper digestion, bad breath, flatulence, skin allergies, bloating sensation, loss of appetite and many other issues.

Additionally it helps in the production of fresh bacterial flora in our intestines which makes the cells fresh and active so that the absorption is much better later on.

How to Do Enema Colon Cleanse At Home?

Enema can be taken even by healthy persons. Many hesitate to take enema because it should be given by someone else in the hospital. Some hesitate even due to the hygiene in the hospitals. So it is better to know about how to take enema in home by ourselves. This might be very useful to many.

Before getting into the procedure of performing enema at home you should also know the prerequisites for taking it. These include:

  • Timing must be preferably in the morning while empty stomach
  • If taken at other times of the day, the diet pattern for the whole day must be bland or light
  • Take enough amount of water (at least 2 to 3 glasses) before taking enema
  • Stay mentally prepared and do not get fear about the procedure because it is very simple and painless


  • Lie down on a bed in lateral position, the leg above bent and other leg straight. This should be similar to the child sleeping position.
  • The enema tube must be lubricated with oil.
  • Insert the tube to the anal opening.
  • While using disposable enema keep the enema bag in the elevated position so that the contents go into the rectum.
  • When the contents are emptied remove the tube gently.
  • Now wait till the pressure is felt in the same position. Or take 5 minutes of walk till a good urge is felt.

Enema can be taken in hospitals and also in home easily by the help of reusable enema bags or disposable enema equipment.

Enema can be performed in home comfortably with the help of any other person. Generally disposable enema cans or enema bags are widely used for the above purposes.

Taking Enema regularly and keeping the digestive tract clean will cease most of the unwanted dangers and helps us to lead a pure and healthy life.

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