What is Ketosis and How It Is Caused?

When the blood in the body is accumulated with high levels of ketone bodies to supply the required energy to the body, then this metabolic state is termed as ketosis.

Normally the glucose is used as the primary fuel source (energy provider) for all activities in the human body.

But during ketosis, the required energy is supplied by the ketone bodies.

This mainly happens when the body needs energy but there is significantly less amount of glucose present in the body.

Skeletal formula of a general ketone

Skeletal formula of a general ketone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When there is less glucose, then the body starts to derive its energy from the protein and fat automatically.

Thus when there is a lack of enough glucose the fat metabolism starts immediately and the ketone bodies start circulating in the blood.

The ketone bodies are the end products of fat metabolism which the body takes as fuel for all the activities in the absence of glucose.

The three major ketone bodies are acetone, acetoacetic acid, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid.

The ketone bodies are formed basically by the ketogenesis metabolic pathway that happens in the liver, where the glycogen stored in the liver gets metabolized and the ketone bodies were finally formed.

The ketones are chemically small carbon fragments which on elevated levels cause potentially serious health problems in the human body.

What is ketosis low carb weight loss diet and how long does it take to get into ketosis?

Ketosis weight loss diet, low carb diet ketosis or a ketogenic diet are similar terms used for same type of diet which is said to be one of the most wonderful ways of losing weight fast.

For people who desire to get great weight loss results fast try out these diet plans.

This diet mainly focuses on burning the fat for energy rather than carbs which causes the body to go into a ketosis state. The ketosis weight loss diet is usually low in carbohydrates but high in fat and protein.

Being on a ketosis diet and amount of weight loss usually depends on how much of the excess weight you actually need to lose.

How long does it take for you to get into a ketosis state can vary from person to person and may depend on a number of factors?

But this usually happens in one or two days.

Ketosis and Master Cleanse

Does master cleanse cause ketosis?

When people consume the diet which are less carbohydrate, then their body starts the fat metabolism to produce ketone bodies for energy.

Because of this reason, obese people try out fasting along with a heavy physical activity or exercise to reduce their fat accumulation.

But if the fat metabolism rises into a very higher level, then there will be formation of more ketone bodies which leads to ketosis.

Similar is the case while doing the master cleanse. As master cleanse is a diet which is a pure lemonade diet (and no solid food diet) it may turn out to be dangerous if done for long.

If you try out master cleanse diet for long your body may react and show off the side effects. Ketosis during master cleanse is one of the most common side effects which people suffer from if they do not care about following the instructions carefully.

In long-standing ketosis, the organ damage and failure will take place which leads to grave consequences, hence the obese people who are dieting should follow the dietary guidelines properly as per the dietician’s or physician’s advice.

Among the various organs in the human body the heart muscles, kidneys and brain prefer ketone bodies when there is lack of glucose for energy.

Among the three ketone bodies which are produced during the fat metabolism, the ketones will not be utilized by the human body cells instead it will be eliminated by the kidney and lungs totally.

That so in the case of fasting as well as kidney failure people use to get acetone smell in their normal breath.

Ketosis and Diabetes

The other major reason in which you can see ketosis is Type I diabetes mellitus.

In the case of Type I diabetes, there will lack of insulin in the body leading to a lack of glucose formation which in turn causes a high level of fat metabolism resulting in ketosis.

In such conditions, the only way to control or prevent the formation of ketone bodies is to have regular insulin at proper intervals.

Generally, the ketone body levels can be checked in both blood samples as well as urine samples using the ketosis test strips.

Ketosis test strips results will let you know about how well you are doing the ketosis diet.

These test strips acts as a wonderful tool to let you know whether your body is burning the fat as it should do.

The normal level of ketone bodies in the blood is below 0.6mmol/l.

In case of high ketone bodies the leaves will show in the blood above 30.mmol/l where the person will be having nausea, headache, vomiting, acetone breath which smells like fruity or like the nail polish remover.

In the case of long-standing ketosis, the organs slowly start getting damage initially the kidneys will be affected which slowly and gradually causes damage to other major organs also like heart, brain, liver, etc.

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