How is Maple Syrup Harvested: How Can You Make It At Home?

Maple syrup, the sweet syrup has been around for centuries. And it is of great use even today by people around the world. Maple syrup is basically extracted from the sap of maple trees in the form of thick liquid.

Maple Syrup for Food

This is favorite for every child due to its use as sweeteners in candy and other confectioneries.

Being 100% natural sweetener, it is stated as the most nutritious and healthy sugar to feed to your child with bread and cookies.

Nowadays, to make the recipes tastier and delicious, many chefs add maple syrup to the foods.

It is the favorite of bakers to top the pancakes warming it lightly in the microwave and pour over the cakes to make it a yummy meal of the day.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of maple syrup. But before that let’s have a look at its making process…

How is Maple Syrup Made?

Maple syrup is generally harvested from the sugary circulating fluid part of the maple tree which looks like water known as sap.

It tastes like water with just a clue of maple sugariness. This sap flows in the late winters and early springs, the time which is referred to as sugar moon by the Native Americans.

After the trees begin to bud and produce leaves, the value of the sap changes dramatically and can’t be used to produce the syrup.

Before it happens, you need to extract the liquid in gallons and turn them into maple syrup. Practically, it is made with a simple 2 step process.

1- Initially, a hole is bored into the maple tree after which the sugary fluid gets leaked out which can be collected into a plastic container.

2- The fluid is then boiled till the water in it evaporates, leaving back a thick syrup form. This is later filtered to remove all the impurities to get the pure organic maple syrup as a final product.

The time needed to extract the 40 gallons of syrup is about 5-6 days, which is enough for one gallon of maple syrup. Here are the few conditions and things to check before the sap fluid can turn into syrup:

  • The weather in the nights is in the twenties and the days warming to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The apparatus in which the sap is collected is through plastic tubing, boiled in a special evaporator, observed for viscosity and sugar density, later filtered, graded and packed hot.

How Much Sap to Make Maple Syrup?

It takes 35-40 gallons of pure sap to get one gallon of pure maple syrup. As there are different grades in it the resulting quantity may be different accordingly.

The higher the grade, the lighter and delicate is the syrup to taste. Interestingly, Canada is the major producer of maple syrup after the United States.

Canadian maple syrup is therefore considered as best to buy. You can find pure organic maple syrup in-store to buy which is expensive.

How to Make Maple Syrup At Home?

While making maple syrup at home just follow the below-given method and be lucky to taste maple syrup in your comfort place with family.

-> Identify the maple trees that are at least 12 inches in diameter and wait for the right season and temperature as this is essential to get gallons of syrup.

-> When you find it, gather all the required maple syrup making equipment that is easily available online at Amazon.  You can also find these tools at hardware stores, at maple sugary syrup equipment stores or from sugar makers.

-> Now when you have arranged for a maple syrup tree tapping kit, tap the trees with a hammer or drill a bit (as per the requirement) for getting the spurt of sap.

-> To collect the syrup, hang on a plastic tube or plastic bags that are easy to connect to the spurt as the sap runs into the collecting equipment placed on the ground.

-> Now, as you have collected the syrup, it is time to boil placing in a simple pan on the stove. You can perform this task placing the stove in your backyard or on a fireplace or a larger arch with the maple syrup evaporator pan.

-> Now, boil the sap till it reaches to 7 degrees above the boiling point of water or until it turns off into dollop of the sheet.

-> As the process is finished, filter the syrup with clean wool or you can even use a synthetic syrup filter.

Remember that the gathered sap is perishable and needs to be boiled so that the impurities are cleaned if any. You can place it in a storage box or a container if you want, until boiling.

After you have finished making your maple syrup at home enjoy your syrup, adding it to the maple granola recipe and when not in use you can preserve it in jars or refrigerate it to use every time.

Party this weekend with your family and friends and taste the fresh maple syrup to make it a memorable feast or a get-together party this time.

But before you arrange for a party and food recipes loaded with maple syrup, let us know about the maple syrup benefits as its essential for you to know whether its good or bad for health.

10 Health Benefits of Organic Maple Syrup

1- Maple syrup is considered the best due to its low-calorie content when compared to honey. And thus it helps in aiding faster weight loss. This is the reason why it is one of the main ingredients in the master cleanse recipe.

2- It is rich in various antioxidant properties which are essential to living a healthy life. Antioxidants are actually essential to fight with the dangerous radicals and to give a healthy body by strengthening your immune system. For those oily and acne-prone skin, maple syrup can be a great relief. Its antioxidant properties will prevent acne from taking place.

3- It helps in protecting your heart due to the presence of Zinc in it. Zinc keeps safe from heart strokes and atherosclerosis. Even zinc boosts the performance of the endothelial cells by guarding them against damage caused due to the existence of extra cholesterol with other oxidized lipids.

4- Maple syrup is the finest material for boosting the immunity system. It fights diseases and keeps your body healthy.

5- Maple syrup is considered one of the finest ways to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. The GI index of pure organic maple syrup is lower than that of honey or sugar, which is a healthy sign. And this is the reason it is considered healthier than plain sugar or honey.

6- Not only for balancing the blood sugar levels, but this is also known to prevent diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes). According to the studies it is proven that abscisic acid present in the syrup helps in producing more insulin and thus helps in avoiding the problems.

7- Maple syrup is considered most beneficial to male health as it helps in maintaining the male reproductive system due to the presence of zinc that works mainly on the prostate glands.

8- It also helps in anemia. In case, you are suffering from anemia; then maple syrup can help in preventing you from this disease.

9- Maple syrup is even considered to be the best help for promoting food digestion in your body.

10- Consuming high-quality syrup is also known to be a good diet for cancer patients. As it prevents damage made to DNA and also in spreading the cancer cells it is often recommended by doctors to the cancer patients for faster recovery.

So, Is Maple Syrup Good Or Bad for You?

Truly speaking, Maple syrup has far more health benefits than you can think of!  This should be the main part of every person’s diet due to the fact that it is safer and has a comparatively lower glycemic index of 54 than as compared to sugar or honey.

As a natural sweetener, it prevents diseases that are caused by free radicals like diabetes and cancer.

Besides this, maple syrup possesses the highest levels of manganese and zinc which helps in maintaining the heart healthy and enhancing the immune system.

What Are The Few Side Effects of Maple Syrup?

However, with all these benefits offered, there are some side effects or risks involved in consuming maple syrup.

Especially when the syrup is consumed for the long term it can have adverse effects on your health. This diet can be a reason for big nutritional deficiencies. Dehydration, frequent bowel movements, nausea and few other are the side effects seen when it is consumed for a long time without the consultation with your dietician.

Consuming the diet for long can also result in the depletion of energy levels in your body. This can further lead to conditions such as fatigue, lack of concentration, etc.

Overall, maple syrup is rich in healthy nutrients and can be added as a healthy diet in your foods. It is quite a healthy food to consume when taken in the right quantity daily.

So, why not buy 100% pure maple syrup online and  add this syrup to your daily diet to maintain good health with the supplements in it.

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