What Is Liver Cleansing And Why It Is So Important?

Liver Cleansing

Liver is one of the most important body parts (as important as heart, lungs or kidney).  This is an organ that acts as a security guard of the body & it checks out everything that passes through the body.

Liver Cleansing

Liver Cleansing

Its main function is to produce bile which is responsible for the digestion of fats. It also stores glucose and various vitamins which are very essential for a human body.

Liver also plays a vital role in the metabolism of protein and fats. It has various functions inside the body and detoxification is one of its major functionality. This is the reason, it can truly be called as an important detoxifier.

Have you ever wondered that the commonest health problems like head ache, stomach pain, fatigue, bloating, breathing problem, bloating, loss of energy is related to the problems in liver.

Also severe health concerns such as cancer, diabetes and also heart diseases can be a result of the malfunctioning of liver.

So maintaining the proper health of your liver is really important.

Important Functions of Liver

Here are some more important functions of liver in short:

1. It retains or excretes the substances in the body as necessary and required.

2. It produces the bile juice that is used in digestion of fats.

3. Together work with kidney for processing the chemicals & eliminate them as sweat, urine & feces.

4. Stores glucose in the type of glycogen as reserve energy. Also stores iron, minerals and vitmain A.

5. Its important in the metabolism of fats & proteins.

7. Regulates the blood composition for balancing the protein, sugar and fat.

8. Destroys old red blood cells and helps to produce required chemicals for clotting the blood easily.

9. Helps to produce essential proteins and cholesterol in body.

10. Helps to remove harmful toxins present in the blood stream.

Having so many functions and being such an important body part, it is really not affordable to ignore liver cleansing.

What Is A Liver Cleanse?

Poor functioning of the liver is most of the times caused by our day to day activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs, foods with lots of fats, artificial sweeteners, preservatives etc.

Liver cleanse is therefore very important function of the body which is important for healthy living. Experts believe that liver cleansing is an ideal way to remove gallstones and toxins from the body. It improves your digestion and provides you a good health. Thus, for taking care of our body liver needs to work optimally tirelessly 24×7 all round the year.

It is usually seen that people give importance to their health, body fitness and beauty but ignores the cleansing of their liver. The fact is numerous allergies and health problems can be well treated when you do the liver cleanse.

In many cases it also helps in alleviating upper back pain, shoulder pain and even boost your energy levels. Thus, periodic cleansing of your liver is very important for healthy living.

When And How To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally?

Often it is recommended to undertake liver cleanse twice a year. For doing so experts suggest that spring season is an ideal time. Also, it is advised never to undertake liver cleansing diet during winter.

 3 Easy Tips To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

Although, kidney liver cleanse can be done at home but if you are doing it for the first time, it is always better to do so under the guidance of a natural health practitioner. While undertaking liver and colon cleanse, it is very essential to take all necessary precautions and get the procedure right.

3 best ways following which you can easily cleanse your liver fast are:

  1. Removing all the toxic food from your daily diet and consume raw vegetable juices
  2. Include all the best potassium rich foods, milk thistle. Dandelion, etc.
  3. Start consuming liver detox tea, tablets and supplements

Importance of Natural Liver Cleansing Diet

Liver cleansing diet is something very important for our body. Body sometimes put heavy burden on liver & need working more. And if you feel that you are suffering from similar problem of more tiredness or fatty liver, you may certainty get benefited by natural liver detox or liver gallbladder cleanse.

It is sometimes difficult for liver to function properly as per the demand & need. This burden & stress may cause irreversible destroy & constant trauma on liver. Also it hampers the liver to function as effective as it ought to be. The lifestyle you live & diet you take also usually contribute to this. It is therefore essential that you take care of your liver & incorporate the best liver cleansing diet in to your life.

Fatty liver is a condition which is more common and is caused due to extra amount of fat present in the body. Getting a medical advice from an expert can help a lot regarding this. Natural liver detox diet that is most effective for you can help you further in getting the best benefits of a liver cleansing.

Best Liver Cleansing Foods

A liver cleansing diet is most advantageous for your liver to prevent & correct the functioning & diseases while removing the undesirable toxins & waste that is congested in the body. It is important for you that you ought to get aware of the foods and diets that are helpful for the liver cleansing.

Natural liver cleansing foods may not seem to be tasty to many. But with some creativity you can easily make healthy and delicious meals for your family and yourself.

Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts and other green leafy vegetables are good for health and liver cleanse. These can be tried out in raw form or for juicing. Carrots, beets, cucumber, etc can be mixed with while juicing to make it taste better.

Besides the above few best liver cleansing foods, the liver cleansing foods list may also include:

  • Apple
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Beans
  • Banana
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic
  • Grapefruit
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Walnuts
  • Lime and lemons
  • Turmeric
  • Tomatoes
  • Alternative Grains

Best Herbs To Cleanse Liver

If you are a person who is already suffering from liver problems, do not worry. Just change your lifestyle and also your diet. Your diet should be properly maintained for the digestive process to happen properly. There are many natural herbs available at home which may help you in purifying your liver. These herbs are as follows:

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is one among the most important herbs for liver cleanse that can be included in your diet. It is one medical herb and is used for many hundred years together.

It is an anti oxidant and is really powerful and helps body in increased production of natural vitamin called glutathione.

This is because of the presence of a flavanoid, silymarin that do guard liver from toxins which are harmful. This is a medicinal herb used for hundreds of years and repairs liver by producing new cells.

It aids fighting diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis and thwart gallstones. Milk thistle comes in different forms like tablets, capsules and liquids.



Another great herb for liver cleansing that can be included in your diet is Spirulina. Spiruina is a sea weed, an alga which contains immense amount of minerals (eight of them), vitamins (10 of them), and amino acids (18 of them).

It helps in detoxification of the body and helps in making us lively, alert, lively, happier and fit.

It enhances the system of immunity and balances nutrients in your body. It also cleanses liver and facilitates getting rid of mercury and heavy metals consumed into your body.

Dandelion root

Dandelion root

Another herb that cleanse liver is Dandelion root. This is basically a weed and has served as a liver remedy for years.

This contains choline that helps in the bile formulation in liver and transmits toxins as waste disposals to intestines from liver.

The Dandelion root is available in tablet form, powder form and liquid form.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper

Another goof herb for liver cleansing that can be included in your diet is Cayenne pepper. It enhances blood circulation and also eradicates the different toxins from the liver and entire body.

In recipes also it is used and is used as a medicine too for around 80 decades. It normalizes bile production in liver and helps toxins to be removed easily.

But before using this to cleanse liver, doctor’s approval should be got.



Another best herb for liver cleansing that can be included in your diet is Garlic. It washes away the toxins and also other waste materials from liver.

Besides cleansing, garlic offers various other health benefits and is recommended for treating various health ailments.

It helps in lowering hypertension and helps in protecting the heart. Before taking garlic also, a doctor’s approval should be taken.



Turmeric is another one of best herb for liver cleansing that can be included in your diet.

It is a herb and is used in India for preparing meals. It is found in a powder used in cooking called curry powder.

It cleanses the organs including liver and the body, naturally. For people who consume alcohol and other medicines, the intake of turmeric proves useful as turmeric helps in the elimination of toxins from prescription drugs and alcohol.

Doctor’s permission has to be taken to use it as cleanse for the liver. But it is sure that the result will be nice.

Besides the above list one can also consume green tea and liver cleanse tea on regular basis for getting the best benefits of liver cleanse.

Overall, Liver cleansing diet and the knowledge about natural liver detox will help you to restore your liver to re-function properly. Natural liver detox is important part of your lifestyle that can improve your total health. So do not ignore it; try it today and start living healthily once again.

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